Do Ember Tetras Jump Out of a Tank? - Tetra Fish Care (2023)

Ember Tetras are small, translucent freshwater fish native to South America. They are one of the most popular fish you can buy at the pet store. But do ember tetras jump out of a tank? This is a question many people have for fish keepers they own or are thinking of buying one for their tank.

The answer is no. Ember tetras don't. If you've ever seen an Ember Tetra jump out of a tank, either the lid was left open and the water level low, or the fish jumped on its own.

They are interested in fish and will often jump out of their tank if kept in small low oxygen tanks.

In this blog post, we answer the question, "Do Ember Tetras Jump Out of a Tank?" We'll talk about why they would want to do this and how you can protect them from jumping.

Do Ember Tetras Jump Out of a Tank?

The answer is yes and no. Ember Tetras will jump out of the tank if they are stressed, small in stature and living in a high ammonia environment.

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However, Ember tetras can also stand out because it is normal to explore their environment from the air. They can check what is happening above by jumping in the air and watching from above.

Why do Ember Tetras jump out of the tank?

There are several reasons why Ember Tetras jump out of the tank. Stress, small tanks, insufficient oxygen, dirty water - too much ammonia and nitrites are some of the reasons why Ember tetras can jump out of an aquarium.


Or you've placed them in an unfriendly environment or with inappropriate partners that cause stress in ember tetras. For example, you have a small aquarium, not enough oxygen in the water or attack other fish.

Small tank

If you own a tank that is too small for your Ember tetra, it can cause them to feel stressed and eventually jump out of the tank. So you need to make sure that your aquarium is big enough for your Ember tetra fish.

Not enough oxygen

Not having enough oxygen in the water can cause ember tetras to jump out of your tank. So you need to make sure you have an air stone or other device that will produce more air bubbles in the tank so they can get more oxygen.

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Dirty water - Too much ammonia and nitrites

If your water is dirty and has too much ammonia or nitrite, it can cause them to start jumping out of the tank. So you need to maintain appropriate water parameters so that the tank environment remains healthy for them.

Ember Tetras are curious by nature

Ember tetras are curious by nature and like to discover new things in their environment. If your tank's lid doesn't fit properly, they may even try to jump out of the tank so they can see what's around them.

How can you protect your Ember Tetras from jumping out of the tank?

There are several ways you can protect your Ember tetras from jumping out of the tank. First you need to make sure you have an aquarium lid so they can't escape.

Lids for aquariums

When purchasing an aquarium for your ember tetra, you also want to make sure that it is always better to buy one with a glass lid or a plastic one with a lid.

Ensure good water parameters

You should also make sure you maintain appropriate water parameters by keeping up with your maintenance schedule and doing weekly or monthly water changes, depending on the type of aquarium filters you have installed. In addition, you want to be sure that no ammonia or nitrite is accumulating in your aquarium.

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Eliminate stress

You will also need to eliminate stress from the ember tetras by removing any aggressive fish and making sure they are not chased or bullied too much because if there is a lot of stress on them they may jump out. the tank.

A big tank

You also need to make sure you have a tank big enough for the number of cinder tetras you want to house in it. You don't want to overcrowd them or they may become stressed and jump out of your tank.

Provide aeration in the tank

Finally, make sure there is aeration in the tank so they have enough oxygen. You can do this by using an air stone or other device that will create bubbles in the water of your aquarium to give them more oxygen.

How High Do Ember Tetras Jump?

An ember tetra will not jump out of an aquarium if it means certain death for them. So if you have a lid on your tank and you don't see any ember tetras jumping out of the tank, it's safe to say they can't jump very high or they would probably be gone by now.

Will Ember Tetras die immediately if they jump out of the tank?

No, Ember tetras will not die immediately if they jump out of the tank. Instead, they can survive on land for up to 30 minutes before dying.

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If you're lucky, you may even be able to rescue your ember tetras from the tank. Just use a small net and return them to the aquarium as soon as possible, as they will not survive long on land if left in that condition for too long before being returned to their home aquarium.

How do Ember Tetras survive for several minutes outside the tank?

Ember tetras can survive outside the tank for a few minutes because they have an air bladder that allows them to breathe oxygen from the land. This also allows them to travel overland between small pools of water that may not be otherwise connected.

How can you save the life of Ember Tetras outside the tank?

If you see ember tetras outside the tank, don't panic. Instead, gently pick them up with a small net and return them to their tank as soon as possible before they die from being out of the water too long or suffocating on land.

How do you know if Ember Tetras are dead if they run out of water?

If you see ember tetras out of the aquarium and don't move, they are most likely dead. However, if you take a closer look at them and notice that their gills are still opening and closing a bit because water is going in but not coming out, you can assume they're not dead yet. So try to put them back in the aquarium as soon as possible to prevent their death and hopefully see a miracle happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Ember Tetras Like Bright Light?

Ember tetra fish like low light and usually stay in the dark because they are nocturnal. They emerge during the day when their tank has low light, but I don't recommend keeping them under bright light for long periods.

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Do Ember Tetras Sleep on the Bottom of the Tank?

Ember tetra fish do not sleep on the bottom of the tank. Instead, they like to swim around and explore their surroundings. If they feel tired they will move to a dark corner or under driftwood, but I don't recommend keeping them near gravel substrate as sharp bits can injure them if they try to move at night.


Basically, if you don't have any of these problems with your ember tetra, they will probably never jump out of your tank. Follow the advice above and give them a larger tank, good lighting for low light fish like Ember Tetras. Use clean water without ammonia or nitrites, provide enough oxygen to keep them alive, don't stress the tank with a lack of bullying from other fish, and keep them away from problems they can't handle.

If you do this, your Ember Tetras should be fine outside their tank for a few minutes to explore, but remember not to leave them out for too long or they will suffocate on land.


Do Ember Tetras Jump Out of a Tank? - Tetra Fish Care? ›

Neon tetras jump ship when they are threatened or stressed out. There are numerous reasons as to why they they might attempt to jump out of the tank: unacceptable water quality. lack of food.

Will tetra jump out of tank? ›

Neon tetras jump ship when they are threatened or stressed out. There are numerous reasons as to why they they might attempt to jump out of the tank: unacceptable water quality. lack of food.

Where do ember tetras swim in the tank? ›

Ember tetras will school with other tetras, such as the neon tetra, but may become stressed by the presence of significantly larger fish. These fish swim at the middle level of the aquarium, and they don't feed from the bottom of the tank.

What do ember tetras like in their tank? ›

As with most tetras, they are naturally social creatures that feel the most comfortable when surrounded by their own kind. They do not tightly school together but hang out mostly in a loose group or shoal. With such a diminutive size, we like to get at least 6–10 of them so they make more of an impact in the aquarium.

How much room do ember tetras need? ›

Brief Overview of the Ember Tetra
Scientific NameHyphessobrycon Amandae
Tank LevelMidwater
Minimum Tank Size10 gallons
Temperature Range72 ° to 80 °F
15 more rows
May 6, 2023

Can a fish survive if it jumps out of the tank? ›

Caught early enough a fish can recover, even from a surprisingly dry state. However, how you handle the fish immediately on discovery is crucial to its survival. The first thing to do is get the fish back into some water, but in a safe environment. Simply dropping the fish back in to the tank is a bad idea.

Is it common for fish to jump out of the tank? ›

It is not uncommon for an inexperienced aquarium hobbyist to come home one day to find one or more of their fish have jumped out of the tank and dried up on the floor. This behavior is particularly common in small tropical species like swordtails and guppies but it is certainly not limited to these species.

How big do ember tetra get? ›

Ember Tetra Overview
Information Chart:Ember Tetra
SizeLess than an inch (between 0.6 to 0.8 inches)
DietOmnivorous Diet
Minimum Tank SizeAt least 10 gallons
TemperatureBetween 73 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit (23 to 29 degrees Centigrade)
11 more rows
Dec 31, 2022

Are ember tetras hard to keep? ›

Ember Tetra care is about as easy as it gets. These fish are a dream to keep and are recommended for aquarists of all experience levels. As long as you take care of the basics with their habitat and water quality there isn't much else you'll need to worry about.

Are ember tetras beginner friendly? ›

The ember tetra is a popular smaller fish that are great in community tanks and great for any beginner. They are peaceful fish that will get along well with other fish as they live in the wild with multiple species of fish, they are also not aggressive at all.

Do ember tetras like light? ›

The ideal option would be a sponge filter. When it comes to lighting, Ember tetras don't have crazy demands. However, if you want to make the tank feel exactly like its natural habitat, keep the tank dimly lit.

Do ember tetras nip fins? ›

Ember tetras do not normally nip fins. However, there have been a few occasions of rogue ember tetras nipping other fish's fins. Ember Tetras mostly keep to themselves and tend to shy away from other actively inclined fish. If any fin nipping occurs, it could indicate that the school is too small.

How many ember tetras in a 10-gallon? ›

The short answer is that your 10-gallon tank can fit as many as 10-13 adult ember tetras easily. Now, while you can keep more than that recommended number of fish in your tank, it's not something that we encourage and instead, we'd advise that you get a larger tank.

Do ember tetras lay eggs? ›

Breeding ember tetras

The ember tetra is an egg-scatterer, which means that there is no specific area where they need to lay their eggs. The ember tetra will not display any signs of parental care after spawning.

Do ember tetras like driftwood? ›

It is important to provide hiding places for these fish as they can get stressed out. We recommend rock and driftwood to create caves and crevices.

How do you treat a fish that jumped out of the tank? ›

Fish can be very resilient, you can try putting them back in the tank or grab a small container and fill it with tank water. Observe the fish for several hours to see if they will come back to life.

What causes fish to jump out of the water? ›

Insufficient oxygen

Perhaps the most common reason for fish to jump out of a tank is a lack of dissolved oxygen in the water. Fish require a high level of dissolved oxygen in the tank water to enable them to breathe and may leap out of the tank in the hopes of finding a more well-oxygenated environment.

Is my fish going into shock? ›

If your fish is swimming frantically without going anywhere, crashing at the bottom of his tank, rubbing himself on gravel or rocks, or locking his fins at his side, he may be experiencing significant stress.

What is the small fish that jump out of the water? ›

Mullet are commonly seen leaping out of the water.

Is 4 ember tetras enough? ›

Generally, the minimum recommended number of Ember Tetras for an aquarium is 6. It is important to keep in mind that the more Ember Tetras kept in the same tank, the more they may feel comfortable and less shy, as they will form a small school with others.

How much do ember tetras cost? ›

Ember Tetras - Aquatic Arts on sale today for $ 9.99.

Can ember tetras live in a 3 gallon tank? ›

You can safely keep one tetra in a 3-gallon tank. You might be able to keep a couple of small ember tetras inside, but these fish really thrive when they're in groups of six or more. However, overstocking your tank can disturb the environment and lead to health issues.

Do ember tetras need a lid? ›

Unlike most fish, you probably won't need a lid with embers unless you want one. This makes them a great choice for an open-top tank, so long as you make sure to leave a little room in case they do decide to jump.

How many fish can I put in a 10 gallon tank? ›

Going by the numbers, however, you can put up to 8 to 10 fish in a 10-gallon aquarium tank. However, we would not recommend adding 10 fish in a tank unless the fish are tiny and do not generate too much waste. On the other hand, if you have chosen fish types that grow over time, you should limit the number to 8 or 6.

How long can ember tetras go without food? ›

You can leave your tetras without food for about 7-8 days, but it's not recommended. If you must skip a few feedings, give them high-quality food rich in nutrients or use an automatic fish feeder. This will help ensure they stay healthy and do not experience any negative effects.

What is the easiest tetra to keep? ›

Popular beginner tetras include red eye, black skirt, serpae and bloodfins, but neons, black neons, glowlights and lemon tetras can be good choices as well. Others, like cardinals, emperors and penguin tetras are more challenging to keep and do best in well-established aquariums with softer, more acidic water.

Do tetras like to be alone? ›

Tetras like to live in schools (be grouped with other fish), and may get stressed if they are alone, confirmed Lewbart.

Do tetras glow in the dark? ›

They are small fish with characteristic luminous stripes stretching along their body. Have you ever wondered how it is possible that these little ones glow in the dark? Well, to be honest... they do not, and the effect of seemingly emitting light is only an optical illusion.

Can ember tetras live without a heater? ›

If the room temperature is about 78 or 80 degrees F, then you can get away without a heater. If the room is only 72 or 74, then you need a heater.

Do tetras like darkness? ›

Lighting Requirements

Like other tropical fish, tetras require the lights to be on in their tanks for 12 to 14 hours each day. This will help them to maintain a proper circadian rhythm. It's best to put your lights on a timer so that your fish can settle into a routine.

How many ember tetras can you put in a 5 gallon tank? ›

Make sure you keep the number of ember tetras in your 5-gallon tetra tank to about 5 to ensure optimum growth and development. More will just present several problems to their health, and if necessary, modifications are not made, the situation might become disastrous.

Do ember tetras eat shrimp? ›

Do Ember Tetras Eat Shrimp? Ember tetras are one of the smallest tetra species, which makes them safe for most shrimp. They will not attack and eat small or adult shrimp, however, they do enjoy snacking on shrimp eggs and small shrimp babies.

How many tetras can you fit in a 20 gallon tank? ›

Generally, neon tetras grow to be 1.5 inches (4 cm) long, but for the purposes of this equation, we will assume they are 1.75 inches (4.45 cm). Therefore, a 20-gallon tank could comfortably hold 11.42 (20/1.75) tetras. You can either round that number up to 12 or 11 when stocking your aquarium.

Will Ember tetras school with neon tetras? ›

Neon and Ember Tetras are most of the time seen as compatible with each other. So they can be kept together in one aquarium. They have similar behavioral nature, and if the right conditions are provided, they can even be seen schooling together.

Can Ember tetras live with other tetras? ›

Your best options are fish of a similar size. These include danios, guppies and other livebearers, cherry barbs, corydoras, rasboras, hatchetfish, dwarf gouramis, and kuhli loaches. Ember tetras will also live and even school with other types of tetra fish.

What does a pregnant ember tetra look like? ›

You can tell a bloated Ember tetra from a pregnant one by watching for certain signs. Pregnant Ember tetras will appear bigger around their bellies. They also sport a dark spot on the underbelly once ready to spawn. Mature tetras ready to breed also display breeding behavior and build bubble nests.

How often do tetras mate? ›

Neon Tetras can typically breed twice every month. Eggs will usually hatch in around 24 hours and from then on, it's just a case of keeping them safe and feeding them the correct food. Due to their size, the only food we recommend at first is Infusoria.

What do tetras look like when pregnant? ›

Rounder or Plumper Body: Also known as a “breeding belly,” females may appear slightly rounder or plumper when they are ready to release eggs. Brighter Coloration: Female Neon Tetras may become more vibrant in color when they are ready to lay eggs.

Can you mix tetra and Betta? ›

Generally speaking, you can keep neon tetras and betta fish together, given that a few conditions are met. For one, the aquarium should be no less than 20 gallons in size. Also, you should have no fewer than ten neon tetras, as they're schooling fish.

How many ember tetras can you put in a 20 gallon tank with a betta fish? ›

But when you introduce them to other schooling fishes, such as neon tetras, the tank should be large enough. So, you should at least have a 20-gallon tank for keeping betta fish with ember and neon tetras. You can add 5 to 6 neon and another 5 to 6 ember tetras.

How long can a tetra live out of water? ›

But some of the most petite types of aquarium fish, like neon tetras and guppies, can only survive out of water for ten minutes! Generally, freshwater fish have a maximum out-of-water survivability time ranging between ten minutes and one hour.

Why are my tetras swimming into the glass? ›

Your fish may also feel physically crowded in an overstocked tank, which can result in them pacing the glass. Fish need space to swim, and when a tank is crammed with other fish or decorations it can be stressful for them. Unlike in the wild, there is nowhere for them to go if they don't like their current location.

Are tetras hard to keep alive? ›

While Neon Tetras are known as easy fish to take care of, that doesn't mean their care requirements should be looked over or neglected. They still have specific water parameters that need to be met in order for them to be healthy.

How do you know if tetras are stressed? ›

Strange Swimming: When fish are stressed, they often develop odd swimming patterns. If your fish is swimming frantically without going anywhere, crashing at the bottom of his tank, rubbing himself on gravel or rocks, or locking his fins at his side, he may be experiencing significant stress.

Do tetras like open water? ›

If they feel comfortable, they do not hide permanently and can be observed well in open water even under intense light. Most tetra species feel the most comfortable in softer, acidic water.

Can 1 tetra live alone? ›

Tetras like to live in schools (be grouped with other fish), and may get stressed if they are alone, confirmed Lewbart.

Do tetras like cold water? ›

Neon tetras can survive in warm or cold water, but they prefer temperatures between 20-28 degrees Celcius. Water hardness should be in the range of 5-15 dGH for optimum breeding. Also, make sure you keep water circulated and fresh.

Do tetras like warm water? ›

Tetras Water Requirements

For most tetras, pH should be between 6.8 and 7.8, alkalinity between 3° and 8° dkH (50 ppm to 140 ppm) and temperature between 75° and 80° F. If the aquarium is kept in rooms below 75°, use an Aqueon Aquarium Heater to maintain the correct temperature.

Why are my tetras dying after water change? ›

Large water changes that include more than 60% water change, rinsing gravel, cleaning filter media lead to a complete, massive change in the water chemistry. Fishes when put in these new conditions, lead to temperature shock, stress, loss of appetite, and then death.

Is it normal for tetras to swim at the top of the tank? ›

When dissolved oxygen levels are low, fish hang at the surface and gasp, as the surface area has the highest oxygen level in the tank because it's in contact with the air. If low oxygen levels are to blame and you don't remedy the situation many common species of fish like Tetras will die.

How many tetras can you put in a 10 gallon tank? ›

The neon tetra is some of the most striking and popular tropical freshwater aquarium fish. As a general rule, you can keep 6 or 7 of them in a 10-gallon fish tank. Keeping any more than this is known as 'overcrowding' and is full of potential problems.

How often do you feed tetra fish? ›

You should feed your fish two to three times daily. A few flakes per fish is sufficient. The fish should eat all the food in two minutes or less. Overfeeding can cloud your water and harm your fish.

How do you relax a stressed fish? ›

Ways to Reduce Fish Stress

Change water frequently to keep nitrate and ammonia levels low. Try adding water conditioners like API Stress Coat Aquarium Water Conditioner, which is formulated to reduce fish stress by 40% by removing dangerous toxins.

What does a sick Tetra look like? ›

At an advanced stage when the neon tetra disease progresses, the infected fish eat less and white lumps appear in their muscles. Fraying of the fins is also occasionally observed in the fish tanks. Also with time the fish's spine may become curved.

Why is my fish not moving but still alive? ›

If fish are experiencing acute stress (i.e., gasping up at the surface, lying on the bottom and not moving, or darting around the aquarium), you can be pretty sure that the water has been poisoned in some way. Maybe cleaning sprays got into the aquarium, or something released toxins into the water.


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