How to find the IP address of a website with Kali Linux – Systran Box (2023)

Kali Linux is a Debian-derived Linux distribution designed for digital forensics and penetration testing. It is operated by Offensive Security Ltd. maintained and funded.
Kali Linux comes with a variety of tools that are grouped into categories based on their function. These tools can be used to test the security of web applications, networks and servers.
One of the most common tasks that penetration testers need to perform is finding a website's IP address. This can be done using a number of methods, but the most common is using the ping command.
The ping command is a utility used to test the reachability of a host on a network. It works by sending ICMP Echo Request packets to theZielhostand wait for an answer.
If the host is reachable, it responds with an ICMP echo reply packet. The ping command can be used to determine the IP address of a website by specifying the website's domain name as the target.
For example, to find the IP address of the website "", the following command would be used:
ping -c 4
This would send 4 ICMP echo request packets to the host "" and print the response from the host.
The website's IP address would be the "destination address" in the ICMP echo-reply packets.
In some cases, the website may be behind a firewall or proxy server configured to block ICMP traffic. In this case, the "traceroute" command can be used instead of "ping".
The traceroute command works by sending UDP packets with incrementingTTL valuesto the target host. As the packets traverse each hop in the network, theTTL-Wertis decremented by one.
When the TTL reaches zero, the packet is discarded and an ICMP timeout message is sent back to the sender.
By specifying the website's domain name as the destination, the traceroute command can be used to determine the IP address of the server hosting the website.
Once the server's IP address is found, it can be used to launch attacks against the server or to access the website directly.

A computer's Internet Protocol (IP) address is a numeric representation of the Internet. A unique number is used to identify a network or device on the Internet. Internet protocols 4 and 6 are available in two versions. With Kali Linux we will learn how to find an IP address. It can show you all network interface data, IP address, disable or enable network interface and many other things. This command, which is only available for the command line, is also used to configure systems. The IP address can be obtained using any of these commands as well as via a graphical user interface.

How do I find a website's IP address?

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OurDNS-Lookup-Toolis the most convenient way to find your website's IP address. Just enter the website URL in the DNS lookup tool text entry and you should see the results. The results of this search show a list of IPv4 addresses that are different from the addresses returned by the other methods.

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Every website uses one or more IP addresses to communicate with its devices on the network. For example, one of Google's IP addresses is You can find the IP address of any website by typing ping in the command prompt. Although IPv4 is still widely used in the IPv6 protocol, it is now widely accepted that most website IPs are now accessed over IPv6. Finding a website's IP address is easy with our DNS lookup tool. In many cases, large companies have multiple IP addresses associated with fully qualified domain names (FQDNs).

IP Lookup: A Comprehensive Guide

You can also use a tool likeIP searchto get a much more detailed look at a website's IP address. With this tool you can enter the name of a website and find its IP address.

How do I find the IP address of a Linux domain?

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The domain name should be followed by nslookup. The IP address of the domain, known as the A record (IP address), is displayed. A domain name can be determined with the following command. In this case, it queries the servers hosting domain names.

Using the Linux terminal, this tutorial will walk you through verifying the IP address of a domain name or a computer name. We will show you how to identify multiple domains using Linux IP address information. This can be accomplished using the dig, host, NSLOOKUP, and adomains-list commands. NSLOOKUP is a network management tool that can help solve DNS problems. Unlike ping, which uses Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) to determine whether a target host is responding to a command, fping is a program that uses ICMP to determine whether the target host is responding. With Ping you can ping up to 16 different hosts at the same time. The fourth method explains how to use the ping command to find an IP address of a domain. A ping command, a network utility, is used to determine the availability and connectivity of hosts on an Internet-connected network. Data is aggregated based on packets sent, packets received, packets lost and typically has a minimum/average/maximum time limit.

What command is used to find IP address in Kali Linux?

There are a few different commands that can be used to find the IP address in Kali Linux. The most common and easiest to use is the ifconfig command. This shows all network interfaces and their assigned IP addresses. Another option is the ip addr command, which also displays the IP addresses assigned to each interface.

How to find Kali Linux IP address? By right-clicking Network and selecting Start, you can access Settings. Select View status from the menu on the right side of Wireless network connection or Local area connection. If you click Details in the new window, you can find the IP address. What is my private IP address? The IPv4 and IPv6 address line should be entered in the IPconfig field. How do I find my IP address? Go to Settings to view the status of your device and information about the device. If you go to this page, you can see the public IP address of your Android phone.

How to find a website's IP address on Linux

To find the IP address of a website on Linux, use the dig command. For example, to find the IP address of, use the command dig The output shows the IP address of the website.

A website's IP address can be found using a number of command line tools. Dig, nslookup, and others can be found in the standard repositories of most Linux distributions. To install them, use your distribution's package manager. Depending on where you are and when you visit Facebook, you may be assigned a different IP address. Use the host command to get a list of all websites in Linux. Ping is used to determine if a remote host is currently operational. The host command output is clean and precise. For example, when I try to find Facebook's IP address, I get this output.

How your IP address affects the ads you see

Your computer sends a request for pages on a website whenever you access it. Your computer's IP address must be included in this request. After looking up your IP address, the website forwards the requested pages to your computer. Some websites, such as B. Google, use your IP address to track how you surf. They can use this information to generate advertisements that are more likely to be of interest to you. A website, on the other hand, cannot understand thisunique IP addressback to your physical home or business address. Instead, websites can associate your IP address with your internet service provider, city, region, and even your zip code. For example, online you may see ads for local businesses. Therefore, although your IP address can be useful for websites, it is not highly sensitive information.

How to find URL from IP address

To find a URL from an IP address, you can use an inversionIP-Lookup-Tool. This tool allows you to enter an IP address and view the associated domain name or hostname. This can be useful when you want to find the website hosted on a specific IP address.

Administrators may have multiple domains for one IP address, and reverse DNS mapping can be configured without the DNS administrator being aware. It's not always successful, but it's the easiest method. Geoiplookup can also be used to find the entire source. DomainTools Whois and Reverse DNS has always been my first and most convenient choice for easy and accurate domain management. Typing a whois on the command line gives me a lot of information and you can find a network search or whois at What is the answer you are looking for? Contribute to other questions tagged "hosting" or post your own question.

How do I find a domain name using an IP address?

It is possible to use nslookup for an IP address. Reverse DNS allows a user to specify a specific DNS path. In the domain there is an extension The domain name is generated when you include it in the field.

How to use the Nslookup program

An nslookup program can also be used to determine whether a domain name is .com or .org, or whether an Internet service is or
Please provide both the name of the host to query (e.g. and the name of the domain name or service you want to look up (e.g.
nslookup will automatically connect to the server you specified after you enter these two pieces of information and start looking for the requested information.
Because of its versatility and adaptability, the nslookup program can be used for a variety of tasks. nslookup can be used to find contact information for a website, as well as an IP address for a specific computer, or a domain name or Internet service name.

How do I convert an IP address to a URL?

How can we convert IP addresses to URLs? Domain name services include DNS domain name translation, which converts IP addresses into domain names. Every time you visit Google, your DNS returns the IP address of the website where your browser is loading the content.

What is the domain of an IP?

A domain name (also known as an Internet domain name or IP address) is an easy-to-remember, unique name that corresponds to a physical Internet address. The distinguished name appears after the @ sign in email addresses and after the domain www. Addresses are web addresses beginning with a “.

How to find a website's IP address

An IP address is the same as a house number because they are the same type of address. Every computer on the Internet has its own network protocol. In other words, the IP address is a representation of your computer's location, just like a map of your neighborhood.
When you enter a website address, your computer searches for the website's IP address. The IP address of any website hosted on your computer is the same whether it is hosted on your computer or not. If the website is hosted on another computer, the server's IP address will be used.
Use Google or Yahoo to find out a website's IP address. After entering the website name, click the Search button. An IP address is displayed on the right side of the screen. In this field you will see a list of the IP addresses of the website.

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