Mythic+ DPS Rankings Dragonflight Season 2 - Overgear Guides (2023)

Welcome to the Overgear Mythic+ DPS level list. The second season is already in full swing, so we can already draw some conclusions about the meta in Mythic+. The following list should not be the sole determinant of your preferred class or the one you want in your group. However, it is essential to remember that our recommendation is always to choose a specialization that really suits you and just enjoy the experience.

Which DPS class is the best?

To answer this question, you need to understand how meta classes are formed. Each class has its own unique characteristics. These features manifest differently from season to season, as each season has a different rotation of dungeons. In the second season of Dragonflight, classes must visit 8 dungeons:

  • Halls of infusion
  • Eagle skin hollow
  • Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr
  • Neltharus
  • Neltharion's lair
  • Property
  • under rot
  • Vortex peak

Also, the second season has left the season addition for the first time in history, but in return we received three new ones:

  • Afflicted – During battle, Afflicted Souls appear and seek players' help. Affected souls spawn with poisons, curses and diseases. Removing any of these afflictions or restoring the mind to full health will cause it to despawn. Failure to remove their afflictions in time will give players a negative status effect.
  • Entanglement - During battle, players are ensnared by entangled vines.
  • Explosive – Fewer explosive orbs spawn, but they now have significantly higher health.

This is an extremely important change because not all classes are able to deal effectively with these complications, and some not at all.

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Well, there are indicators of each class that are always taken into account: Damage, Utility and Survivability:

  • Damage plays an important role in assessing the DPS classes, with different types of damage profiles being considered: mass AoE, burst AoE, single-target, 3-target, and spread-cleave damage.
  • Classes with special party-wide cooldowns are often highly appreciated and rewarded. For example, the Shaman class offers Bloodlust, an ability that greatly improves the group's performance. However, Shaman isn't the only class that can give an effect similar to Bloodlust, so Mage, Hunter, or Evoker become particularly valuable in a group. Without one of these classes you simply cannot count on a high result in the season. You can try using the drums sold at auction, but they only give half the power of the original Bloodlust. However, Bloodlust is not the only utility that can determine the outcome of the dungeon. For example, AMZ from Death Knight or Power Word: Fortitude from Priest. Each class has something special, but how useful this utility shows the season, or rather this season's dungeons.
  • Classes with exceptional survivability, self-sustaining abilities, or immunities consistently add value in the rankings. These traits add to the overall value of a class as they increase their ability to withstand and get through challenging situations, ultimately leading to improved performance and effectiveness.
  • Another notable aspect is the importance of priority target damage and funnel damage, which are often overlooked in Mythic+ and can significantly speed up the entire dungeon if done correctly. Specifications that excel in these kinds of damage profiles can earn additional recognition and contribute to the group's overall success.

4 Piece Season 2 Set

This list of levels is based on the assumption that you always carry your 4-piece level set with you. Places can vary drastically if this measure is not taken into consideration, as our main goal is to show which specializations will be the best months before the season reaches its peak.

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DPS Level List for Season 2 of Mythic+ in Dragonflight

Here are the comprehensive DPS rankings for Season 2 of Dragonflight.

Mythic+ DPS Rankings Dragonflight Season 2 - Overgear Guides (14)

It is essential to recognize that opinions may differ, and that is perfectly acceptable. However, it is crucial to maintain a respectful attitude when giving feedback. The primary purpose of this list of levels is to help the World of Warcraft community make informed decisions regarding their main or alternate character choices each season.

Specialization Leaderboards for Dragonflight Season 2

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Shadow Priests S-Tier

Shadow Priests have been given an exciting new level for Season 2, significantly improving their gameplay. The 2-piece bonus gives a 25% increased chanceShady insighttrigger. When consuming Shadowy Insight, Mind Blast deals 30% more damage and generates another 4 insanity. In addition, the 4-piece bonus strengthensVerslindende pestdamage by 15% and causes every 4 casts of Devouring Plague to increase the damage of Shadowy Apparitions summoned within the next 10 seconds by a whopping 80%.

In Season 2, Shadow Priests shine with enhanced sustained AoE and single-target capabilities, making them formidable in priority target damage and funnel damage scenarios. They have valuable tools to tackle challenges, such as Incorporeal and Afflicted affixes, with skills such asexpel magic,clearing disease,Mass expulsion, InTie up the undeadat their disposal. Thanks to the Phantasm talent, they can quickly escape entangled situations. In addition, PriestPowerful infusion, which can be used offensively or defensively (yes, sometimes you can use PI Heal or even Tank).

However, it's important to note that Shadow Priests rely heavily on Shadow Crash to apply most of their Damage over Time effects. If they are not readily available at the start of each encounter, this can significantly affect their initial opening damage. In addition, their class mobility is somewhat limited, as they must remain stationary for a significant portion of their rotation in Mythic+ dungeons.

Overall, Shadow Priests are one of the top picks among DPS classes for Season 2 in Mythic+. Their enhanced skills and versatile toolkit make them a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Balance Druid S-Tier

Season 2 brings an exciting new level for Balance Druids, improving their performance in several ways. The 2-part bonus increases the radius ofSunburnwith 3 yards, while also giving a 20% damage boost to Sunfire, Moonfire, and Shooting Stars. In addition, the Shooting Stars 4-piece effect gives a 20% chance to summon a Crashing Star, deal Astral Damage to the target, and generate 5 Astral Power.

Balance Druids have long been revered for their exceptional AoE damage, and this season is no exception. Their ability to deal with multiple targets at once remains a strong example. In addition, Balance Druids excel at providing party-wide utility, including expelling toxins, offering off-healing options, and even aiding in tank kiting. The versatileRebirthpower is also a notable asset.

It's worth noting that the effectiveness of Balance Druids can vary based on the difficulty of the key. As the key level increases, their performance usually improves. Conversely, in lower keys where burst damage is more valued, their ranking may fluctuate compared to classes with higher burst capabilities.

Given the overall factors, we believe that Balance Druids have the potential to become one of the top DPS options in Season 2, particularly in mid-level (15-20) tests. Their strong AoE damage, utility, and survivability make them a formidable choice for aspiring adventurers.

Verwoesting Evoker A-Tier

The 2-part bonus enlarges Disintegrate and Pyre, allowing them to pierce enemies with Obsidian Shards. This results in dealing 12% of the damage as Volcanic damage for 8 seconds. In addition, the 4-piece set boosts the damage of powerful spells by 8% and imbues Obsidian Shards with flaming power, increasing their damage by 200% for 5 seconds. In addition, duringDragon Rage(aka Bloodlust), the shards always possess this increased power.

At the start of Season 2, Devastation Evokers emerge as one of the most powerful burst power classes in Mythic+. Their consistent damage output further cements their position in the rankings. With exceptional party-wide utility, remarkable mobility (ranking among the highest for ranged specializations), and improved survivability, they are strong contenders for the prestigious S-tier placement.

Devastation Evokers bring immense firepower to the battlefield, making them a force to be reckoned with in both burst and sustained damage scenarios. Combined with their invaluable utility, mobility benefits, and improved survivability, they're poised to make a big impact in Season 2.

Subtlety Rogue A-Tier

The Subtlety Rogue's new 2-part tier set improves their gameplay in Season 2. It gives the ability toSymbols of deathfor 6 seconds when activatedShadow dance, while also increasing Rupture's duration by 4 seconds. In addition, the 4 piece bonus allows Symbols of Death to increase the critical hit damage of Eviscerate and Black Powder by 25%.

In Season 2, Subtlety Rogues will retain their unique damage profile, giving them the flexibility to choose between AoE, funnel-damage, and single-target approaches. While they may not have the highest damage output compared to other specializations, their overall value is boosted by their robust party-wide utility and exceptional defense capabilities. The specific placement of Subtlety Rogues in the rankings depends on the key level and additions present. However, it's safe to assume that Rogues will continue to maintain a dominant position as one of the most valuable melee damage dealers.

To further improve Subtlety Rogues' rankings, they would need to receive additional damage beyond their current capabilities. Nevertheless, their strong utility, defensive prowess and adaptability make them a formidable choice in Season 2.

Fire Mage A-Tier

The 2-piece bonus allows Phoenix Flames to apply Charring Embers to all enemies it damages. This debuff increases the damage dealt to you by 5% for 12 seconds. In addition, the 4 piece bonus is triggered when you hit an enemy with a direct damage spell that is affected byCharring embers20 times. This significantly boosts your next 2's damagePhoenix flames, increase by 200% and refund when used.

Fire Mages excel at delivering impressive damage to priority targets, while also excelling at maximum AoE damage. This unique damage profile is further rewarded by their tier set bonuses, solidifying their strength in these areas. In addition, Fire Mages are known for their high-mobility playstyle coupled with multiple defensive cooldowns, including the ability to cheat death through Cauterize, and an immunity spell.

In addition, Fire Mages possess exceptional party-wide utility, proving invaluable in meeting the challenges of the newly introduced Mythic+ affixes. However, it's important to note that Fire Mages' performance is generally significantly better in higher keys than in lower keys. Consequently, their rankings can fluctuate depending on the key level and group composition.

Overall, Fire Mages are a formidable choice for Season 2. Their excellent priority target damage, exceptional AoE capabilities, mobility, defensive tools, and party-wide utility make them a valuable addition to any group.

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Fury Warrior A-Tier

In Season 2, Fury Warriors acquire a new set of levels that greatly enhance their abilities. The 2-part bonus is increasedRampageby increasing damage and critical hit chance by 10%. In addition, the 4-part bonus allows Rampage to award your nextbloodlusta 10% increased chance of critical attacks, a 25% increase in damage, and an extra 2 Rage. This effect can be stacked up to 10 times.

The standout feature of Fury Warriors remains their exceptional damage profile, which is further enhanced by the enhanced range. While competitive damage output is a crucial factor in the standings, the utility toolkit is also an important consideration. Unfortunately, Fury Warriors provide limited assistance with the Afflicted and Incorporal affixes, two of the newly introduced affixes in Season 2. However, groups looking to maximize the benefits of Battle Shout will greatly appreciate the Fury Warrior's presence, coupled with their incredible damage potential .

Overall, Fury Warriors are still highly regarded for their remarkable damage. While their usefulness may have limitations in specific scenarios, their significant contribution to group damage remains a valuable asset.

Destruction Warlock A-Tier

In Season 2, Destruction Warlocks will get a new set of levels that significantly improve their abilities. The 2-part bonus makes it possibleChannel Demonfire,Immolation, InTo burnto get a chance to unleash an extra Demonfire bolt. These bolts deal 50% more damage to the primary target. In addition, the 4-piece bonus increases your fire damage by 1% after each Demonfire blast, stacking up to 8 times for 13 seconds. Casting Channel Demonfire resets this effect.

Destruction Warlocks excel at both single-target and sustained AoE damage, making them a formidable force in Mythic+ dungeons. However, their ranking can vary significantly depending on the key level. As the difficulty of the key increases and mobs have more health, Destruction Warlocks become even more powerful. In terms of utility, Destruction Warlocks continue to provide value to their group in various compositions. The only exception is the Afflicted affix, where their ability to help the team is limited unless they summon their Imp.

It's important to note that Destruction Warlocks can face challenges repositioning or avoiding mechanics, as this can interfere with their damage. This aspect should be taken into account when judging their performance in specific encounters. Overall, we expect Destruction Warlocks to be one of the best options for Season 2.

Demonology Warlock A-Tier

The 2 piece bonus increases Demonbolt's damage by 15%. In addition, consuming a Demonic Core reduces the cooldown ofGrimoire: Felguardby 1 second. In addition, the 4-piece bonus increases Grimoire: Felguard's damage by 20%. While Grimoire: Felguard is active, all your demons deal 20% extra damage.

The acquisition of the 4 piece tier set leads to a significant damage spike for Demonology Warlocks. They boast one of the highest burst damage capabilities for a single target in Mythic+ and show impressive sustained and burst AoE damage. In addition, Demonology Warlocks have a robust defensive profile, which adds to their overall strength.

In terms of utility, Warlock specializations excel at 5-man content, and Demonology Warlocks are no exception. They provide valuable support to the tank through protection ("peel") abilities, and their Healthstones provide party members with additional healing options.

While Demonology Warlocks are expected to be one of the top options in Season 2, they may not reach the "S-tier" rank initially due to numerical considerations. Nevertheless, their excellent damage output, strong defensive capabilities, and excellent utility make them a formidable choice.

Verbetering Shaman A-Tier

The 2-piece bonus gives 24% Mastery when castThe Sunder. In addition, the 4-piece effect causes Sundering to increase your Physical and Fire damage by 20% for 15 seconds. In addition, your next 2Necklace Lightningcasts deal 100% more damage and pay back 50% of the damage spentMaelstrom weaponpiles.

Improvement Shamans re-emerge as one of the stronger melee specializations in Mythic+. They excel at single target damage, have a great AoE damage profile, and excel at funnel/priority target damage. Plus, their valuable party-wide utility ties in well with the Season 2 challenges, including the new additions like Entangling, Incorporeal, and Afflicted.

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However, one major drawback remains consistent for the specification. The limited number of defensive cooldowns, with only Astral Shift available, can leave Enhancement Shamans vulnerable in certain situations. Addressing this aspect may help secure a higher placement for the specialization. In addition, dealing with massive AoE encounters involving more than 10 mobs can be challenging, although such situations are less common with retrieval groups (pugs).

Overall, we are pleased with the performance of Enhancement Shamans in the upcoming Mythic+ season. Depending on the composition and additions, Enhancement Shamans can vary between the higher ranks of A-tier and possibly even S-tier.

Retaliation Paladin A-Tier

The 2-piece bonus instantly increases the damage ofJudgementInHammer of wrath, increasing their damage by 10% and critical strike damage by 15%. In addition, Hammer of Wrath applies Judgment to enemies. In addition, the 4-piece bonus allows Judgment to increase the damage enemies deal to your Holy Power spenders by an additional 15%. Hammer of Wrath now hits four nearby targets for 20% of its damage.

Since the full overhaul of the Retribution Paladin specialization, they've been performing admirably in Mythic+. Their consistently short cooldown damage windows, coupled with their exceptional utility as one of the highest, if not the highest DPS specs for utilities in the game, make them a desirable addition to any group looking to bolster their power. In addition, Retribution Paladins have an impressive survivability, with multiple defensive options including a defensive cooldown and immunity, greatly improving their resilience compared to pre-rework versions.

Overall, Retribution Paladins offer exceptional damage, impressive utility, defenses, and enhanced mobility. These factors make them an excellent choice for Mythic+ in Season 2.

Havoc Demon Hunter A-Tier

The 2 piece bonus rewards them with Seething Fury, giving them 8% more agility for 6 seconds after spending 175 Fury. In addition, the 4-part effect activates each time Seething Fury is obtained, granting 15 Fury and increasing the damage of the next Eye Beam by 15%, which can be stacked up to 5 times.

Havoc Demon Hunters are poised to rise to prominence once again, especially when paired with a full caster composition due to the Chaos Brand debuff they provide, which greatly complements their playstyle. Their strong AoE damage capabilities and ability to prioritize target damage while still maintaining AoE prowess will continue to be a hallmark of the specialization.

In addition, Havoc Demon Hunters offer great utility options for the whole party, with fantastic mobility and self-sufficiency. With these traits in their arsenal, they are about to reach higher rankings, with further adjustments needed in terms of their damage output.

Overall, Havoc Demon Hunters are a formidable choice for Season 2. Their strong AoE damage, versatile damage profile, exceptional utility, impressive mobility, and self-sufficiency make them a valuable addition to any group. Further adjustments to their claims department could potentially propel them to higher rankings.

Elemental Shaman B-Tier

The 2-piece bonus spawns a stack of Stormkeeper every 50 seconds. In addition, the 4-piece effect increases maelstrom generation by 50% after consuming Stormkeeper on specific spells such as Lightning Bolt, Lava Burst, Icefury, and Frost Shock. In addition, Chain Lightning, Lava Beam, and Earthquake deal 20% more critical damage.

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Elemental Shamans display remarkable versatility as a DPS specialization in Mythic+. They have several builds available ranging from strong single-target specs to hybrid specs that combine AoE and single-target damage, as well as pure AoE specs. The choice of build depends on the main difficulty, affixes and group composition. Currently, Elemental Shamans are among the better specs, with improved single-target damage and bursty AoE openers.

However, the spec still faces a significant limitation by only having one defensive cooldown, Astral Shift, which can potentially make them vulnerable in challenging encounters. Addressing this limitation would greatly increase the potential of elemental shamans in Mythic+ dungeons.

Overall, we're pleased with the performance of Elemental Shamans and look forward to their success in Season 2. Their versatility, improved single-target damage, and strong AoE capabilities make them a valuable addition to any group.

Survival Hunter B-Tier

The 2-part bonus increases the damage ofWildfire Bombby 10% and throwing the bomb increases the damage of your next Kill Command by 40%. Additionally, the 4-piece bonus reduces Wildfire Bomb's cooldown by 1 second for every 30 focus spent, and the target of your last Kill Command takes 40% more damage from Wildfire Bomb for 8 seconds.

Survival Hunters enter Season 2 with not only impressive single target damage, but also competitive AoE damage. The series of levels allows them to excel in both priority target damage and AoE situations, which is very valuable in Mythic + dungeons. The enhanced version of this specialization puts them in the top half of the level list. However, more damage improvements are needed to level up even higher.

Overall, Survival Hunters demonstrate their strength in Season 2 with excellent single-target damage, competitive AoE capabilities, and the ability to excel in priority target scenarios. Their performance puts them in a favorable position within the rankings and we eagerly await their continued success with potential damage adjustments in the future.

Outlaw Rogue B-Tier

The 2-part bonus causes any damage you deal to apply Soul Rip, with 5% of the damage you deal dealt as physical damage for 8 seconds. In addition, the 4-piece bonus activates when you cast Between the Eyes, unleashing all Soul Rips and dealing 200% of the remaining damage, while also granting 5% agility for 15 seconds.

Outlaw Rogues have consistently performed well in the leaderboards throughout their history. This remains true leading into the next season as they continue to show strong performances. The only minor downside is their performance in massive AoE situations with 10 or more mobs. However, given their overall package, this is a minor trade-off. In most other situations, Outlaw Rogues excel, benefiting from robust defensive cooldowns and high mobility.

While Outlaw Rogues may not be able to provide assistance with the Afflicted affix, their presence ensures that the Incorporeal affix is ​​not a problem for the group. Overall, Outlaw Rogues offer impressive performance backed by strong defensive capabilities and exceptional mobility. Their usefulness may have certain limitations, but their overall value remains significant.

Windwalker monnik B-Tier

The 2-part bonus increases the damage ofRising Sun Kickby 10% and causes it to unleash a "Nova" effect, dealing Shadowflame damage to all enemies within 8 meters. Additionally, the 4-part effect improves Fists of Fury by increasing damage against the primary target by 30% and increasing Shadowflame Nova's damage on all hit targets by 50% for 15 seconds.

Windwalker Monks face some challenges in Season 2. Their single target damage remains a problem area and their scaling is not optimal. The spec's niche AoE damage profile relies heavily on Touch of Death interactions, making their performance even more uncertain. Despite these concerns, Windwalker Monks bring valuable utility to the group. They excel at maneuvering through the new additions, delivering poison and disease spells to aid the team, and assisting in "peeling" the tank to enable effective kite flying of non-boss enemies.

To improve the spec's position, Windwalker Monks would greatly benefit from buffs, particularly on single-target damage, followed by additional tweaks to their AoE capabilities. These changes would help bring them more in line with other DPS Specializations.

In summary, Windwalker Monks face challenges in Season 2 due to their struggles with single target damage and stat scaling. However, their usefulness and maneuverability when handling new affixes, dispels and tank support remain remarkable. Further buffs targeting single target damage and AoE tweaks would be needed to improve their viability and performance.

Frost Death Knight B-Tier

The 2-piece bonus increases Howling Blast's damage by 20%. In addition, consuming Rime increases the damage of your nextFrostwyrms furyby 5%, stack up to 10 times. When using Pillar of Frost, a Frostwyrm's Fury is summoned at 30% effectiveness that does not freeze enemies. In addition, the 4-piece bonus increases enemies' damage by 20% from your critical attacks for 12 seconds after being hit by Frostwyrm's Fury.

Frost Death Knights enter Season 2 in a much better position than the previous season, with a higher damage potential. However, they must remain cautious of aggro issues that can appear at the start of each pack due to the bursting nature of their damage. It is important to contain the threat effectively to avoid premature deaths.

While Frost Death Knights show improvement and are expected to rise several places in the rankings, they still have a long way to go before they are considered a fully competitive Mythic+ Specialization. Continued improvements will be necessary to further bolster their performance and viability in high-level Mythic+ content.

Overall, Frost Death Knights can look forward to a more promising season with more damage. However, they will need to address aggro management concerns and strive for further improvements to cement their position among competing Mythic+ specializations.

Feral Druid B-Tier

The 2 piece bonus gives a 25% chance for auto attacks to grant Shadow of the Predator, increasing agility by 1%. Each request after 5 has an increasing chance to reset to 2 stacks. Additionally, the 4 piece effect is triggered when the Shadow of the Predator application resets stacks, increasing agility by 5% and generating 1 combo point every 2 seconds for 8 seconds.

Feral Druids are poised to perform exceptionally well in Mythic+ dungeons. Their usefulness and damage both add to their power. However, the flexibility of the specification remains a challenge. There are no strong hybrid options that allow for exceptional AoE and decent damage to a single target at the same time. Therefore, Feral Druids must choose their focus between dungeons and decide whether to prioritize AoE or single target damage. Regardless of the build chosen, controlling funnel damage will greatly benefit Feral Druids in maximizing their potential.

In addition, Feral Druids have remarkable durability. With multiple defensive cooldowns at their disposal, they're unlikely to meet an early demise in challenging encounters.

In general, Feral Druids are an excellent choice for Mythic+ groups, offering versatility and adaptability to meet the needs of different compositions. Their damage output, utility and durability make them a valuable asset in any group. Whether customizing their build or excelling at funnel damage, Feral Druids prove to be a great choice for the upcoming season.

Frost Mage B-Tier

The 2-part bonus increases the damage ofGustInIce lanceby 20%. When used, Flurry causes an explosion on impact, dealing 35% of its damage to nearby enemies (with less damage than 5 targets). Additionally, the 4 piece bonus activates a 10% chance for Ice Lance to activate Brain Freeze when thrown at a frozen target.

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Frost Mages continue to excel at damage to priority targets and funnels, maintaining their reputation in Season 2. They offer strong single-target damage, impressive utility, and most importantly, one of the most durable ranged specializations. The main area for potential improvement is in AoE damage, where other specializations are currently outperforming. Depending on the adjustments made in this area, Frost Mages have the potential to reach new heights. Their toolkit is well suited for Mythic+ content, especially in Season 2.

Overall, Frost Mages have a solid foundation for success in Mythic+. Their exceptional priority target and funnel damage, coupled with good single target damage, make them a desirable choice. Their durability and practicality further add to their value in group compositions. While there is room for growth in the AoE department, Frost Mages remain an excellent option for Season 2 and beyond in Mythic+ dungeons.

Arms Warrior B-Tier

The 2-part bonus increases the chance for Deep Wounds to hit critically and increases critical hit damage by 5%. In addition, the 4-part bonus gives critical attacks from deep wounds a chance to increase the damage of your nextDeadly attackby 10%. In addition, Mortal Strike will deal physical damage to enemies in front of you, stacking up to 3 times (with less damage against more than 5 targets).

Arms Warriors will benefit from their tier set, which boosts their priority target damage and boss damage. Skillful management and use of the range of levels is crucial to maximizing damage. However, similar to Fury Warriors, Arms Warriors lack significant party-wide utility to help with the newly introduced weekly additions.

While Arms Warriors have a strong damage profile, their overall pack fails to rank higher. To improve their ranking, they would need additional components to bolster their usability and versatility.

In summary, Arms Warriors enter Season 2 with a new suit that improves their priority target and boss damage. Effective use of the range of levels is key to maximizing their potential. However, their lack of substantial party-wide utility limits their placement compared to other specializations. Arms Warriors excel in damage output, but need further improvements to their overall package to reach higher rankings.

Beast Mastery Hunter C-Tier

The 2-piece bonus increases Cobra Shot and Kill Command damage by 15%. Additionally, the 4-part bonus allows Cobra Shot, Kill Command, and Multi-Shot to reduce Bestial Wrath's cooldown by 1 second.

Beast Mastery Hunters excel at consistent damage output, offer unlimited mobility, enhanced defense capabilities, and fantastic utility. They offer excellent AoE damage, solid single target damage, and the flexibility to focus on priority target damage while still performing well in AoE situations. The specification is well rounded with no significant drawbacks other than limited burst damage. This limitation can be challenging in lower to intermediate level keys where mobs are dispatched quickly.

To achieve a higher placement on the tier list, Beast Mastery Hunters would benefit from further adjustments to their damage output. However, it is important to note that the spec gets more powerful and impressive as the difficulty of keys increases, where mobs have more stamina. Overall, Beast Mastery Hunter is considered one of the best options for beginners, and with the right tweaks, it has the potential to soar to greater heights.

Unholy Death Knight C-Tier

Their unique 2-piece set improves the power of Death Coil and Epidemic by a remarkable 10% in terms of damage. Each cast of Death Coil of Epidemic collects a deck of Master of Death, allowing for a maximum of 20 stacks. Dark Transformation consumes the collected Master of Death stacks, granting a 1% increase in Mastery for each stack, which lasts 25 seconds. In addition, the 4-piece bonus allows Army of the Dead to bestow 20 stacks of Master of Death. When Death Coil of Epidemic consumes Sudden Doom, an additional stack of Master of Death is obtained, along with a 10% increase in Mastery for 6 seconds. The Unholy Death Knight's consistent damage output proves to be a valuable asset in any Mythic+ group.

Compared to other classes, your defensive cooldowns are remarkably robust, complemented by remarkably powerful burst damage. It's particularly beneficial to play as an Unholy Death Knight within a pre-made party that can perform significant draws during your cooldown windows. However, without such coordination, the damage potential of the specification remains mediocre at best.

We expect excellent performance in higher key tiers or professional Mythic+ scenarios, although further damage adjustments are needed to warrant a higher ranking in medium key tiers.

Moord Rogue C-Tier

The 2-tier tier set increases the damage of the Rupture and Crimson Tempest abilities, granting 40% and 20% additional damage in the form of wildlife damage, respectively. In addition, the 4 piece bonus activates when Deathmark expires, resulting in a 40% increase in wildlife damage for 30 seconds.

While Assassination may not deal damage in various scenarios, especially when compared to other specializations, its usefulness as a villain remains highly valuable in Mythic+ dungeons. In addition, Assassination's defensive capabilities are widely recognized as one of the strongest of any class in dungeon environments.

Overall, with some minor damage tweaks, this specialization has great potential for a significant improvement over the current rankings.

Marksmanship Hunter C-Tier

Their gear's 2 piece bonus increases the damage of Arcane Shot and Multi-Shot abilities by 10% and gives an 8% chance to trigger the Deathblow effect. In addition, the 4-piece bonus increases the damage of Kill Shot by 15% and reduces the cooldown of Aimed Shot and Rapid Fire by 1.5 seconds. Marksmanship Hunters perform exceptionally well in low to medium dungeon keys due to their impressive burst damage. While their sustained damage is decent, their area of ​​effect (AoE) is somewhat limited by the limit imposed by Trick Shots (although Explosive Shot, Volley, and Wailing Arrow remain unlimited!). However, the current specification figures do not yet justify a higher ranking.

Arcane Mage C-Tier

Their gear's 2 piece bonus improves Arcane Surge by increasing Spell Damage by an additional 10% and extending its duration by 3 seconds. In addition, the 4-piece bonus rewards the player for spending 24,000 Mana on Arcane Surge by increasing their spell damage by 1% for 18 seconds after the ability disappears. This effect can stack up to 25 times accompanied by a 50% increase in Mana regeneration during this time.

Arcane Mage is known for its impressive burst damage in both area-of-effect (AoE) and single-target situations. However, in season 2, the sequence mainly boosts the end of the burst instead of giving an initial peak. The main challenge with this specialization lies in its high ramp-up time, which makes it difficult to effectively execute the rotation in low-to-mid level keys where enemies have a shorter lifespan.

In addition, Arcane Mage requires a certain skill level to fully optimize its potential, which may not be fully realized in pickup group environments or in the hands of average players. While Fire Mage remains a popular and strong choice, those choosing Arcane Mage should consider its usefulness, which includes party-wide buffs like Time Warp and Arcane Intellect, crowd control options like Frost Nova and Polymorph, and defensive abilities like Mirror Image. prismatic barrier and ice block.

Arcane Mage's mobility is somewhat limited due to rotation restrictions, but Blink and Shimmer offer some positional flexibility within playstyle constraints.

Affliction Warlock F-Tier

Their gear's 2-piece bonus reduces the cooldown of Vile Taint by 5 seconds and Phantom Singularity by 12 seconds, while also increasing the damage of both abilities by 60%. In addition, the 4-part bonus introduces a sequel effect called Infirmity after using Phantom Singularity, which lasts until the duration is over. The same effect is also present after casting Vile Taint, but for a duration of 10 seconds. Infirmity increases damage taken by 10%.

Affliction Warlock is unfortunately the weakest specialization due to the lack of flexibility in Mythic+. The specialization struggles to offer strong hybrid builds that excel at both single-target and area-of-effect damage, especially when compared to Demonology and Destruction.

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However, Warlock's usefulness and survivability have never been a concern in Mythic+ dungeons, and this remains the case as we head into Season 2. With its attractive damage-over-time mixed with instant spells playstyle, even a small adjustment in numbers can potentially improve the DPS meta. But for now, Affliction Warlock remains in the lower part of the rankings.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Mythic+ DPS Tier List. We make every effort to update it regularly to reflect the evolving dynamics of the game. The meta is constantly changing, so it's important to note that your favorite character may not currently be in the S+ tier. However, this may change in future patches. We encourage you to stay connected and revisit our list to keep up to date with any updates. While you're here, be sure to check out ourMythic+ Boosting-servicesthe!


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Dragonflight DPS Rankings
Spec / ClassMax. DPSMedian DPS
Marksmanship Hunter142.04K110.93K (91%)
Assassination Rogue128.26K109.83K (90%)
Arms Warrior130.12K109.52K (90%)
Fire Mage132.70K108.04K (89%)
21 more rows
4 days ago

What is good DPS for M+? ›

As for DPS, I would say you should aim to do at least 50k overall.

What is the best ranged DPS in Dragonflight? ›

Arcane Mage's burst damage is some of the highest out of ranged DPS. Defensively, Arcane also is quite powerful with similar defensive qualities as Frost Mage and Fire - Prismatic Barrier, Greater Invisibility, Alter Time, Mirror Image, and Ice Block are all super strong.

What is the best single target DPS in Shadowlands? ›

Demonology Warlock has a 1-minute burst damage window for single targets in Shadowlands. If you're looking for best DPS class that must have high damage and healing power, then it's impossible not to see the power of Demonology Warlock in World of Warcraft.

What is the most op class in Dragonflight? ›

What class is top DPS in WoW? As you can see in our Dragonflight DPS tier list, for now top DPS classes are Havoc Demon Hunters and Demonology Warlocks.

What is the best DPS spec for DK Dragonflight? ›

Top 3 DPS in WoW Dragonflight: Patch 10.1 S tier
  • Shadow Priest.
  • Fire Mage.
  • Destruction Warlock.
May 10, 2023

Who is the best DPS M+ Season 2? ›

DPS Tier List for Season 2 of Mythic+ in Dragonflight
  • Devastation Evoker (S-Tier)
  • Balance Druid (S-Tier)
  • Shadow Priest (S-Tier)
  • Fire Mage (S-Tier)
  • Subtlety Rogue (S-Tier)
  • Destruction Warlock (A-Tier)
  • Enhancement Shaman (A-Tier)
  • Fury Warrior (A-Tier)

Which DPS character does the most damage? ›

Hu Tao and Raiden Shogun are considered the best DPS characters in Genshin Impact, as they can trigger multiple elemental reactions with their Pyro and Electro abilities. DPS stands for Damage Per Second, and these characters will be responsible for the majority of damage dealt in your combat rotations.

What is the easiest DPS class in Dragonflight mythic? ›

Hunter: Hunters are a ranged DPS class that are great for beginners due to their simplicity and versatility. They have a wide range of abilities that allow them to deal damage from a distance, control the battlefield, and even heal their pets.

What is the best spec to level in Dragonflight? ›

Out of all three Rogue specs we recommend Subtlety as the best choice for leveling. It offers the best single-target burst damage and allows you to dispatch enemies within only a few seconds, jumping from enemy to enemy in quick succession.

What is the most efficient way to level in Dragonflight? ›

The Azure Span is easily the most effective leveling zone for your alts in Dragonflight, as it has an absolute surplus of quests in comparison to some of the other zones on the Dragon Isles.

Which Hunter is best Dragonflight? ›

Beast Mastery

Super consistent damage, entirely on the move. The only ranged spec in the game which loses practically nothing from movement. Evoker are a close second but with their reduced range the Beast Mastery Hunter is still the go to for anyone looking for absolute freedom when it comes to movement.

What is the highest DPS tank in WoW Shadowlands? ›

Guardian Druid

Guardian Druids have the best damage output out of all tanks and are some of the best AoE Tanks out there.

What is the easiest class to play well Shadowlands? ›

The easiest in mastering as well as in effectiveness are Retribution Paladin, Frost DK, Demon Hunters (DH), Beast Mastery Hunters, and Fury Warriors.

What is the most played class in Shadowlands? ›

1 Hunter - Easy

It's no wonder that the Hunters are still at the top of the heap when it comes to popularity. This class is probably the easiest to level and play, and has been even from the days of Classic WoW. Plus, players can level and train a pet that they can find out in the wilds of Azeroth.

What is the least played class in Dragonflight? ›

This season, Survival Hunter is the least-played spec in Mythic+ runs by a wide margin. In Dragonflight season one, only 38,000 Survival Hunters are playing Mythic+ in WoW. That number is representative of just 0.6 percent of the player base, according to WoW stats site

What is the best rogue spec for Dragonflight Mythic Plus? ›

Quick Links. Outlaw Rogues are currently the top-ranked rogue spec for both Raids and Mythic+ in the first season of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

What is the best tank in Dragonflight? ›

Dragonflight Tank Rankings and Explanations
  • Protection Paladin (S Tier)
  • Vengeance Demon Hunter (A Tier)
  • Protection Warrior (A Tier)
  • Brewmaster Monk (A Tier)
  • Blood Death Knight (B Tier)
  • Guardian Druid (B Tier)
May 8, 2023

What is the best class for raiding Dragonflight? ›

Currently, the Beast Mastery Hunter is considered the best specialization for raiding among all the Hunter specs, with a significant margin. It offers competitive single target damage with an option to respec for sustained cleave damage, making it a strong choice throughout the entire raid.

What is the best warrior spec for Dragonflight? ›

Best Leveling Spec for Warriors in Dragonflight

Fury and Arms are both solid in solo content and can deal out a lot of damage with their various abilities.They both also have plenty of sustain to get through their enemies without having to slow down.

What is the easiest spec in Dragonflight? ›

If we take a look at actions per minute in Vault of the Incarnates from the World of Warcraft stat page, Simulationcraft, we'll see that at the easiest spec, with only 28 actions per minute, are Feral Druids. The cats have a simple rotation and normally don't work their fingers to the bone to have the best damage.

What is a good DPS for mythic plus? ›

Dragonflight Mythic+ DPS Rankings
Class/SpecMedian Max. PointsMedian Points
Fury Warrior116.2189.58 (96%)
Outlaw Rogue112.6489.53 (96%)
Destruction Warlock114.7189.25 (95%)
Retribution Paladin114.8088.78 (95%)
21 more rows
4 days ago

What is the easiest M+ WoW? ›

1) Shadowmoon Burial Grounds

With only four bosses, Shadowmoon Burial Grounds is perhaps the absolute easiest Mythic+ dungeon you could tackle in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Mostly, it's a straightforward dungeon, but you want to bring a group of players with interrupt abilities.

Can you lose M+ rating? ›

Yeah. This is a significant system change and changes M+ completely if we are going to be penalized for failing.

Who is the strongest 4-star DPS? ›

Here are the 4-star Genshin Impact characters that you can rely on as DPS.
  • Beidou. The captain of the famous crew in Liyue, The Crux, Beidou is a Claymore user. ...
  • Razor. This electro and claymore-wielder character was introduced at the beginning of the game. ...
  • Yanfei. ...
  • Chongyun. ...
  • Kaeya.
Oct 19, 2022

Who is the best DPS at C0? ›

Raiden Shogun C0 is the best Sub-DPS in the current meta, as she is the best battery in the game, and her elemental skill runs constantly to great effect.

Should DPS have more damage than tank? ›

Tanks are pretty strong, but in close range. Most dps can confirm kills at at good distance. It is normal for tanks to have higher damage done in game since they do less damage more constantly because not needed to run away as much as dps to heal.

What is the most complex DPS in Dragonflight? ›

At the beginning of Dragonflight, Arcane Mage has proven to be the spec with the hardest and longest, but in Patch 10.0.

Is tanking easy Dragonflight? ›

In World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight, tanking can be one hard job. It certainly isn't for the casual or faint of heart. With the job of being the Tank, a lot of responsibilities lies in your role. You will need to know mechanics, positioning, and, most importantly, how to maintain aggro.

What are the best professions in Dragonflight for class? ›

World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight - 8 Most Useful Profession Specializations For Endgame
  1. 1 Potion Or Phial Mastery - Alchemy.
  2. 2 Mechanical Mind - Engineering. ...
  3. 3 Consumables - Leatherworking. ...
  4. 4 Enchantment - Enchanting. ...
  5. 5 Cooking. ...
  6. 6 Faceting - Jewelcrafting. ...
  7. 7 Archiving - Inscription. ...
  8. 8 Textiles - Tailoring. ...
Jan 14, 2023

How fast to level 60 to 70 Dragonflight? ›

Harldan, creator of the fastest level 10-60 route, which took 3 hours and 21 minutes, returns with the fastest 60-70 leveling route for your main character in Dragonflight. Harldan reached Level 70 in 4 hours and 31 minutes. Once you reach the area, complete the quests until you reach Wingrest Embassy.

Is Balance Druid good in Dragonflight? ›

Balance Druids may not be a clear-cut top-tier DPS option in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, but they're still a great choice. Thanks to impressive damage output and the utility the Druid class is known for, they comfortable sit in the A tier on our DPS tier list.

Can you level to 60 in Dragonflight? ›

Upon reaching level 10, you can continue into Battle for Azeroth or speak with Chromie to choose a Timewalking Campaign. Choose an expansion and continue leveling until you're ready to enter the Dragon Isles at level 60.

How long to hit 70 in Dragonflight? ›

How Long Does It Take to Reach Level 70 in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight? It will take you anywhere from two to 15 hours to reach Level 70 in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

What is the best mage to level with in Dragonflight? ›

Best Leveling Spec for Mages

Frost remains the top pick for many leveling, although Arcane is also a strong leveling spec. Frost's advantages are the wide variety of abilities that slow or control mobs, making it the most survivable build of the three.

Is questing or dungeons faster for Levelling Dragonflight? ›

You can definitely level faster than dungeons if you're over level 20 by doing starting quests for each expansion. I think I average 5-6 min per level and have done this an unhealthy number of times.

Is Beast Mastery good in Dragonflight? ›

The Basics of Beast Mastery Hunter in Dragonflight

Beast Mastery is a strong single-target spec. It is quite simple in its execution and it is an ideal spec for someone new to raiding, or just WoW in general.

Which hunter pet does the most damage? ›

For maximum DPS, a ferocity pet is the optimal choice. Although you may have a particular fondness for your Sporebat, he's not going to make you shine as well as a wolf would in tonight's raid. Ferocity pets are the undisputed kings of overall DPS.

What is the best phial for mythic plus Dragonflight? ›

Phial of Glacial Fury: Best option for AoE or Mythic+. Phial of Elemental Chaos: Useful in all scenarios. Phial of Tepid Versatility: Useful in all scenarios.

Which tank is the tankiest wow? ›

Protection Paladins are hands down the best tank in the game.

What is the most easy tank in wow? ›

If it's your first time tanking, then we recommend guardian druids as the best tank for beginners.

What is the easiest tank to level in Shadowlands? ›

Easiest: Guardian Druid, strong consistent uptime on defensive, not spikey, smooth damage intake relatively strong utility. Monks damage profile benefits ramp healers more, but can quickly be overwhelmed if not being paid attention to.

What is the hardest class to play in WoW? ›

What is the hardest class to play in WoW?
  • Hunter Beastmaster.
  • Warlock Destro.
  • Warrior Fury.
  • Demon hunter Havoc.
  • Paladin Retribution.
  • Monk Windwalker.
  • Rogue Outlaw.
  • Death Knight Frost.

What is the most easy class in WoW? ›

Table of Contents
  • Easy. Havoc Demon Hunter. Fury Warrior. Death Knight.
  • Moderate. Retribution Paladin. Enhancement Shaman. Windwalker Monk. Survival Hunter. Arms Warrior.
  • Hard. Feral Druid.
Nov 18, 2022

Is feral druid hard to play? ›

The Basics of Feral Druid

Feral can be quite overwhelming to the new player due to the focus on dual resource management and maintaining numerous buffs/debuffs simultaneously.

What is the rarest class in wow? ›

What is the rarest role in WoW? The rarest class at the moment is Rogue, followed by Shaman, both at 7% of the population each. Then it's Hunter, Priest and Warlock at 8% each.

What is the most played role in wow? ›

Both among European and American players, the hunter is the most popular class. Its popularity might result from the fact that hunters excel in using ranged weapons, such as bows and cross bows and can take part in battles from a distance, thus reducing the possibility of getting hurt or even killed.

What is the most popular race in wow? ›

As of 2019, humans were the most popular race, having been chosen by a total of 14.4 percent of all U.S. realm players, while accounting for 15 percent of the entire EU realm population. The largest percentage difference between the U.S. and EU realms with regards to the choice of race was with the Blood Elves.

What stats are best for crafting Dragonflight? ›

Crafting Stats for Alchemy in Dragonflight

All stats have their uses, but for Alchemy we recommend focusing on Multicraft and Resourcefulness for mass-producing Potions, Phials, Reagents, Incenses, and Transmutes, or on Inspiration and Resourcefulness for Alchemy Stone crafting and maximum quality crafts early on.

What is a good mythic rating Dragonflight? ›

Well, for Dragonflight Mythic Season 2 a good start will be at least 398 item level. Of course, the more the better, but having 398 ilvl gear as a damage dealer should be enough for Keystone Levels from +2 to +5. Healers and tanks, however, are required to have 402+ item level for obvious reasons.

What item level is normal Dragonflight? ›

Dragonflight Crafted Gear

Normally crafted gear starts at item level 306, but can be improved all the way to item level 382!

What is the easiest class to play in Dragonflight? ›

Hunter: Hunters are a ranged DPS class that are great for beginners due to their simplicity and versatility. They have a wide range of abilities that allow them to deal damage from a distance, control the battlefield, and even heal their pets.

What is the best Dragonflight profession for raiding? ›

In conclusion, having the right professions can make a huge difference when it comes to raiding in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. The top professions that we recommend for raiders are Alchemy, Enchanting, and Jewelcrafting.

What is the best neck to craft Dragonflight? ›

The Elemental Lariat is likely the most powerful neck slot in all of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight right now. It could potentially stay that way for a significant period of time, so it's worth investing time and money into.

What do you get for 2500 mythic rating? ›

Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season Three - Attain a Mythic+ Rating of at least 2500 during Shadowlands Season Three. Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season Two). The achievement will reward the Wastewarped Deathwalker mount! Other Keystone achievements changed as well.

What do you get for 2400 mythic rating Dragonflight? ›

The first one I finally hit this week – on my Monk, I obtained the 2,400 Mythic Plus rating cutoff that entitles me to the full rank-up of Valor upgrades for Mythic Plus gear, maxing out my drops from the mode at 415 item level.

How to get 2000 mythic rating? ›

2,000 Mythic+ rating is equivalent to completing a +15 in every dungeon both Tyrannical and Fortified. Since the achievement is based on rating instead of completing a +15, this means that you can complete a +14 in one dungeon and replace it with a +16 in another dungeon!

How long does it take to level to 60 in Dragonflight? ›

If you're looking to go from Level 10 to Level 60 as quickly as possible, Shadowlands, Battle For Azeroth, Legion, and Warlords of Draenor are your best Chromie Time options. Leveling through any of those expansions will take you about 8 to 12 hours.

How long does it take to level 50 60 Dragonflight? ›

Starting at level 50, players will discover that they only need about 1/4 of the previous experience to level that they needed before! This means that you can easily get your characters from 50 to 60 in under two hours.

What is the rare spawn rate in Dragonflight? ›

Dragonflight Patch 10.0. 5 brought a major change to the rare spawn schedule of elite creatures across the Dragon Isles, adjusting the spawn cadence to 1 rare every 30 minutes (down from 2 rares every 2 hours).


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