One of the best indoor gardens is on sale for Memorial Day | Digital Trends (2023)

One of the best indoor gardens is on sale for Memorial Day | Digital Trends (1)

There's something incredibly romantic about the thought of growing your own vegetables. You work the soil, sow seeds and grow beautiful, new edible life forms. But part of that romance stems from our typical lack ofActuallydo the job. Press a few buttonsHarvest Moondoes not count! Instead, we long for an experience similar to that of using some of thebest wireless mice; plug in a piece and start playing right away. Gardyn is pleasant enough to give us just that with one of the first indoor plug'n'play gardens. They're also offering their flagship products - the Gardyn Home 2.0 and Gardyn Home 3.0 - at a hefty discount for Memorial Day, with an additional $100 off for a device or $150 for a membership-enabled deviceon top ofother discounts. Just tap the button below to choose your Gardyn and starter plants, then enter the code "BLOOM" at checkout.

Why you should buy a Gardyn Home Kit

Buying a Gardyn Home Kit is like buying a combination of three things for your home: an indoor living statue, a horticulturist, and a wise farmer calling you. The sculpture's claim is the easiest to trace, a Gardyn is a tower with vibrant green leaves and spots in the colors of. Here's how the other factors come into play:

If you want to create a garden, there is no easier way than with a Gardyn. Since wereviewed the Gardyn Home Kit 2.0last year the inner garden space is constantly evolving. It means Gardyns, who has always been friendly to newcomers, gets even better. For example, a Gardyn Home Kit has always been very plug'n'play friendly to grow - just plug onein your Gardyn (they come monthly with the subscription) and start growing - but the newer Home Kit 3.0 has made the assembly the same way. No screws or screwdrivers needed!


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Do you need sage advice on how to grow your crops? Of course you do! Gardyn automates the watering, lighting and feeding of your plants and has an AI powered grow assistant. If that doesn't work, the community Gardyn has grown around is also on hand to get advice, with everything from custom recipes for growing crops to schematics for your 3D printer to make more yCubes. Want to forget about it all and let something else do all the work? There is a holiday mode where the AI ​​takes over completely for a certain amount of time. In other words, Gardyn (and the community it created) is there for you every step of the way on your plant growing journey.

Remember, if you want to sprout your green fingersindoorsThis summer, follow the link below to choose your favorite Gardyn Home products and enter code "BLOOM" to secure an additional $100 or $150 off this Memorial Day deal. Would you rather scout the competition? Check this one outother smart gardens. Need a little more soil on your hands? Here's a compilation of thegardening appswho got us through last summer's growing season.

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  • Smart home

Amazon's $20 Echo Dot deal is back, complete with free music

One of the best indoor gardens is on sale for Memorial Day | Digital Trends (2)

Technically, Amazon's older Echo devices are just as good as the newer models, and they all have the Alexa smart assistant built-in. Some of the best Amazon deals include deals on the Echo smart speakers, and there's even a dedicated guide to Amazon Echo deals currently available. This next offer is worth mentioning separately though, as it adds a little extra to sweeten the deal. You can grab the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen smart speaker for just $20, which is an incredible price in itself, and you'll save about $20 to boot. Currently, Amazon is offering up to 90 days of Amazon Music Unlimited free with your purchase -- make sure you're logged in to see the deal! With Music Unlimited getting more expensive this year, this is a great way to grab a bargain.

Why you should buy the Amazon Echo Dot
Our celebrity reviewer, Caleb Denison, gave the smart speaker high marks in his Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen review, back in 2019. At the time, he praised it for its exceptional sound quality, intelligent built-in assistant thanks to Alexa, improved style and aesthetics, and better microphone sensitivity. While the Echo ecosystem has come a long way since then, with the Echo Dot 5th Gen being one of the latest, the older models are still a solid entry point and great for anyone who doesn't already have a smart speaker in their home. .

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  • Smart home

1-day deal cuts $80 off this electric motorized standing desk

One of the best indoor gardens is on sale for Memorial Day | Digital Trends (3)

If you work from home, you may want to consider taking advantage of standing desk offerings, such as Monoprice's offering on this WFH Single Motor Height Adjustable Motorized Standing Desk. Instead of $280, you only have to pay $200 because of an $80 discount. A standing desk has a long list of benefits and you can enjoy it soon after making this purchase, but you need to hurry, because the bargain only lasts until the end of the day.

Why you should buy the Monoprice WFH Height Adjustable Motorized Standing Desk with Single Motor
After purchasing desktop computer deals or laptop deals, the Monoprice WFH Height Adjustable Single Motorized Standing Desk is the perfect place to set up your new device. Prolonged sitting leads to lower back problems and an increased risk of various diseases, among other health problems, but like the best standing desks, this desk offers a solution that won't impact your productivity. It features premium build quality components, including a durable steel frame and solid wood desktop, while the easy-to-understand assembly process means you won't spend too much time putting the parts together.

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  • Smart home

Flash sale drops price of Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock to $12

One of the best indoor gardens is on sale for Memorial Day | Digital Trends (4)

If you weren't born before the 2000s, you might not be familiar with the traditional alarm clock that sits next to your bed, especially since the same features can be found on a mobile anyway. Of course, many people want to not rely too much on a phone and open it first thing in the morning, which is where the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential comes in. It works like a traditional alarm clock, but with a few extra features to get the most out of it. Not only that, but it's going for an incredibly low $12 at Walmart, instead of the usual $50 you'd find it for, and better yet, that's down from the $15 it went for last week!

Why you should buy the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential
When we reviewed the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential, we described it as technology and nostalgia, because that's what it really is. It looks like a traditional, old-fashioned alarm clock, but it offers so much more. It has a large and eye-catching display, so you can see the time from anywhere in the room. However, the 4-inch display also provides insight into things such as what the temperature is at the moment. Best of all, like the best smart displays, you can use it to ask Google for help.

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