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Witch - [3.14] Tanky boss killer who works on a budget. Summon Skeletons + Armor Stacking, CI, Max Block. - Forum - Path of Exile (1)

1 Introduction:

[3.15] The average damage per skeleton for non-Sirus monsters was 866666 in 3.14 and is now 492853 - a reduction in damage of 373813 or 43%. 3.15 is an amazing patch.... I could probably move some gems to cover a 2-3% dmg increase since now the old support gems are a joke but come on : 40% dmg reduction. Also the mana cost of skeletons went down from 56 to 96 and I have 80 mana left unreserved. Actually, this might not be such a big deal for the endgame variant since you can just double throw the skeletons and have tons of mana regen, but leveling is going to be a pain.

This is the main build I played during the Ultimatum league and I can also consider it a league starter build for the next league as it is very inexpensive and can go online with very little investment. The build is unique at the moment (only I'm playing something close to that according to poe.ninja) so low chance of nerfs and also the build is pretty good at killing bosses and has an "ok" clear speed that's quite can be good when certain gems link configurations are used. The build has a very fun play style with only 3 buttons that you will use and only 2 of them are combat buttons, 1 for movement but you can even use only 1 button for combat if you are lazy. No need to manage specters, no need to manage anything really, just go and kill Sirus, Maven, Uber Shaper, Uber Atziri and "the dreaded" Invitation while just dodging abilities and throwing skeletons every 5 seconds. If you get hit - well who cares lol, you're strong enough to not care about most hits. You can be killed by a select few boss abilities: Maven's Memory Game, Atziri Double (Can Tank 1) Pizzas, Shaper's Beam (if you stay a few seconds and don't have Vaal Discipline) and some Degens made by bosses but for the most part: we don't get killed by 95% of the boss's skills. Good damage also means we kill bosses very quickly. On maps, 99% of things can't kill us, and if hits are weak enough we can even heal ourselves. There are a few notable exceptions to things that can kill us in maps, but with average investment we can easily create 100% of the content in the game.

2. Pros and cons:


- Can work on a budget of 1ex if you start in the middle of a league and 2ex-3ex for a league start.

- Good boss dmg - about 0.7 million Sirus dmg per skeleton on average, 11 skeletons. About 1.3 million for non-bosses.

- Can get 10k it on a hex with good gear, even more if you invest a lot, probably one of the tankiest hex builds you can do without sacrificing a lot of DMG.

- 75% attack damage block, 62% spell damage block if you choose DMG, 75/74 if you lose 1 skeleton (1M less DMG). Can be 75/75 with the use of bottles.

- ES on block: no pistons: 500 s min, piston on: 1000 s on block min

- 90% physical dmg reduction while bottled, 76% without bottle

- DMG scaling is mainly based on gems. The only items in my build other than gems that damage minions are my wand and amulet. Boots are cheap at Alberon's Warpath (Rainbowstride can also be used but are also cheap). On a league launch you only need 2/3 items to start the build and they are relatively cheap even at league launch (about 3 ex for that 3 at league launch and 1 ex total later).

- CI: You are immune to chaos dmg.

- 75/80/76 max resistances with an option to go 77/82/78 if you're willing to sacrifice some damage.

- An almost min-maxed version that can clear the rare "The Feared" invite for 120ex most of which is in awakened gems and 40ex goes for the wand.

- Currently I'm the only one playing this build which means it's highly unlikely to be nerfed in 3.15.


- Good boss clear but not the best clear speed. It's not bad, but doesn't compare to the clear speed of top clear speed builds. You can improve clearspeed, but then you might have to swap gems/armor before boss fights, and the improvement wouldn't be enough to keep up with better clearspeed builds.

- We are strong, but not immortal. The main thing that can kill us is AoE dmg that cannot be blocked. 3 main threats here: Maven's memory game: not possible to survive on a witch, possible as a guardian with the same setup, Ultimatum's laser bots on every map that has reduced max res mods, and Baranite Thaumaturge's Aoe skill. The main problem here is the Ultimatum Ones and Maven.

- If you want to run 3 major auras: Determination, Diligence and Discipline, you will have to mess around with synthesized items, certain Corrupted and Amulet mods... it can be annoying. Also because not many people would be interested in synthesized gloves with Resolve has 10% mana reserved mod, the price can range from 1 cent to 2 Ex. I would say you need to be able to craft items yourself as items other than the wand are best crafted yourself.

- Not enough gem slots. Unfortunately, we miss auras, animated guardians, and other useful abilities because every gem slot is occupied and important.

- Ultimates can be a bit annoying if you don't get a clear speed setup. Generally you may need to have 2 different chests and change them for bossing/clear speed otherwise you will have problems with ultimates and 100% insane cards. You can also get a clear speed vest in the beginning and only change it for big bosses... or just stick with what you have, it would be 20% less damage but you might not even notice.

3. Videos:


perfectly kill Maven

kill creator

rare "the dreaded" invitation

Shaper kill shared - I do the killing for others in a group

Shared Maven Kill - I do the killing for others in a group

About Atziri


charged Chayula solo

a bad run of a juiced card

Kill Veritania

About Elders



juiced level 16 card


4. Gang:


main hand:


At the start of the league you can use many alternatives to this magic wand:

(Video) BUFFED Mon'treguls Grasp Zombie Build Theorycraft in Path of Exile 3.19 Kalandra League - 1075

You can also craft a cheap version of this by selling 40% of the sum of the quality of physical gems and any wand and then crafting the "Trigger a socketed spell if you can cast a spell with an 8 second cooldown" mod. Alternatively you can use


and there are about 3-4 other cheap unique options, most of which make you a bit more resilient, but I'd highly recommend going for a +2 Convoke Protection later on with a 4 second cooldown. It will be the most expensive item in your build starting at 20 ex mid league and early league you should try to craft it yourself. Can be crafted via the Delve Crafting shown inhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJDPK9J7MsQwith a 1/12 chance of getting a +2 mods combo and also you then need an Aislin slam which is around 4ex but might not give you the trigger so there is a chance of a miss. If you craft it yourself you might get lucky and get it done in about 5ex, otherwise it's about 20ex min.



Early league this is a 1ex base, mid league it is 5c. The enchantment is important and you'll probably have to try to get it yourself early in the league. 1 week after launch, it can be found in stores in the 2-3ex range and the middle league is below 1ex. Try to get good buns, my buns aren't even that good but passable.

body armor:


Either these or 5 blue - 1 green or 4 blue - 1 green - 1 red versions. This is almost the best body armor in the slot and when corrupted with an implied +1 it's really hard to top. Best possible corruption is +1 to socketed gems and +2 to socketed permanent gems, but almost no chance of finding them in trading. However, keep in mind that I've seen rare chests with more +1 for socketed gem mods than the loyalists/lords skin, and it's possible to craft a rare chest better than this. However, it costs a lot of faceted fossils and a lucky Warlord Exalted slam. It's a very hard/expensive craft and a Lords/Loyal skin is almost always just as powerful at a fraction of the cost.

In the early game, you can go for any 4-5 link chest or tabula.



You would need 1 ring with a base and "The Pariah" is almost always the cheapest option to get many ES. Crusader moonstone ring and unset rings with good es-rolls and mods are pretty good too.



You can use

alternatively paired with

, but synthesized gauntlets with the Determination Reserved 10% Less Mana mod are best for both damage and survivability. As for the actual gloves, try to get Dex and Es mods as high as possible. You can also get Dex on rings, but if you can get it on gloves you should be able to get better rings and more ES overall.



Either Crystal Belt or Stygian Vise:

, Darkness entroned is also a possibility

, but the crystal belt should still be in the slot for the best. They only care about high ES mods, armor/mana (we convert the mana to armor so it's the same here) and resistance mods.



Either go or go Alberon's warpath for dmg

Rainbowstride for spell blockers. Rare Tall ES Boots are also a possibility

, but remember that you need an implicitly damaged "+1 for socketed gems" and that's much easier to find in the unique item trade. Rainbowstride and Alberon's warpath should both be cheap, even with the implicit corrupted.



Unfortunately, the perfect amulet does not even exist. There is a pool of mods that we want for our amulet, but they are all shared by different influences and it is not possible to get the mod combinations we want. What we want is a combination of Elder mod "+1 to max summoned skeletons", Hunter mod "+1 to level of all Intelligence gems", Redeemer mod "Reduced ability reservation" and "Resolve has 25% reduced Mana Reservation". Conqueror Mod. In other words, we have to choose 2 out of 4 and in almost all cases the amulet would be expensive. i went with

because I got it on a discount from a friend but it has no ES and it's not even the best amulet I can get.

The Anointing should be Whispers of Doom (3 golden oils), which is a bit expensive Anointing so you probably won't have it in a league starting scenario. For the league start you should instead go for "Deflection" (1 Teal Oil, 1 Opalescent Oil and 1 Sepia Oil) - much cheaper and not bad at all.

Another option is here

- much cheaper and pretty good too.



The first item you need to find in the trade early in the league is this shield. It's honestly the most important part of the whole build and the only part that really matters. The head can be changed, the body armor can be changed, but unless you're doing a lot of physique changes, this shield is essential. It was unfortunately 1ex at the beginning of the league, but it is really important, so save all your currency to buy it as soon as possible. Mid league, I saw it for 3c. It's dirt cheap, and you only care about roles and implicit damage: either near perfect at 30% quality from petcraft, or near perfect at 28% quality from syndicate but with "physical damage from hits taken as chaos damage" as the implicit damage. This would be an expensive and rare implied, but well worth the money.

(Video) The STRONGEST Minion Build This League? - Skeleton Mage Necromancer 3.18 League Start Guide



Flasks have to be mainly defensive and the only offensive one is Bottled Faith. However, Bottled Faith is quite expensive and not a requirement. I've made Maven, Uber Atziri, and The Feared without it and it should only be considered the last item you add to your build once everything else is complete. However, it is very important that you have a granite bottle with the addition "made of iron skin". You need the +3000 armor and the 60-100% increased armor during the flask effect. Other bottles should only prevent you from discomfort (anti-ignite, anti-freeze, anti-shock) and prevent bleeding. If you want to leave, you can use a 75 Spell Blocks chance




You need it for increasing spell block chance. Put it in place via grazes.

"Gain 9-10% of max mana as an additional max energy shield while affected by Clarity" is really, really important, but try "additional armor while affected by Resolve", "additional physical damage reduction, while you are stricken with resolve". or "Magic Block while affected by Discipline". We will be using Zeloty so as a 3rd mod you can check out some dmg related to Zeloty. This gem alone can be quite expensive even with just the Clarity mod, 4-5 ex for 2 relevant mods and 50 ex for 3 relevant mods. Place it over the witch's starting position.

This is a must and the first gem to find when starting a league. Put it over EE

There is a lot of IT when placed to the left of the life/it cluster meld. Also, the easiest and cheapest gem to get both "corrupted blood cannot be applied to you" and "reduced ability reservation" is Corrupted Implicit. There is a divination card for double corrupted energy from gems, so finding a good combination of corrupted implied ones is cheap.

Just a typical DMG Minion Cluster gem. Renewal, Feastful, Call to Slaughter, and Malicious Bite are pretty good. Either stats or resistances for the 4th mod, but stats are better.

"Blessed Rebirth" is really important here.

Place it to the right of graze. You need it for the DMG it gives you and it can be replaced with other options as well, but it's the jewels that give you the most DMG possible on their own.

Try to get "Energy from Nothing" and stats/armor/it/mana here. 2 points is better.

5. Edelstein-Links:


Many many gems are needed by our build but unfortunately we will not fill them all as there is not enough space. You need 2 specific 4 limbs in the endgame version, 1 of these can be a 3 limb in the beginning, also in the end I would argue that the gems in the wand and shield are best in the slot which means, that you only have 4 "free" slots and in those 4 slots you must have a Carrion Golem (good if it's supported by Feeding Frenzy) and some movement ability (good if it's supported by second wind support). That means the only jewel you can "change" is before you have an awakened hex touch, and only 1 spot where I would place an animated guardian if given a choice.

Your gem links are:

Main Skill:


Bossing-Setup (teuer):


Vaal Skeletons Summon 20% quality - Awakened Elemental Focus support - Awakened minion damage support - Empower - Awakened Spell Echo support - Awakened Controlled Destruction support

Just so you guys know, Vaal Summon Skeletons level 21 0% quality is 6-7c, Vaal Summon Skeletons level 21 20% quality is 12ex. The other gems are all in the 5-10ex range and ironically power level 4 is the cheapest. This means that when you start a league you will probably use the next setup:

Clear speed (less expensive and optimized for the league launch):


Summon Vaal Skeletons 0% Quality - Elemental Focus Support - Minion Damage Support - Spell Echo - Empower - Pierce

Empower Level 4 is better than Controlled Destruction 20/20, but Empower Level 3 is worse. You can go to the league start with 5 blue, 1 green, or 4 blue, 1 green, 1 red skin of lords depending on the prizes and the gems you have. Empower lvl 4 is a bit slow to get a league start, so a 5 blue 1 green setup is probably more important. It's important to get a high skeleton summoning level because the higher the level, the more skeletons you can summon at once, the more max skeletons you can get, and they're more robust and generally much more useful. I would argue that this is something you'll have to adapt to depending on your budget, drops, which Vaaled gems hit and so on. Don't forget that you also need a blessed rebirth and death bill to not weaken the skeletons.

Main link to Aura 4:


Enlightenment - Determination - Discipline - Diligence

But if you don't have enough reserved reduced mana or reduced destination mana reserved, you can leave

Enlighten - Determination - Discipline - Summon Skitterbots

If you walk even less:

Enlightenment - Determination - Discipline - Vitality

And at the start of the league:

Determination - Discipline - Vitality

With the idea of ​​a free outlet and no need for links. You need to get the talent tree nodes fast next to sovereignty so you have the auras online early.

Enlighten must be lvl 4 and even lvl 5 implicitly damaged in a "+1 to socketed gems".

Main Curse 4 Links:



If you have awakened Hextouch support but are not lvl 99:

Awakened Hextouch Support - Conductivity - Elemental Weakness - Stormburn

If you have Hextouch support enabled and are level 99 or 100:

Awakened Hextouch Support - Conductivity - Elemental Weakness - Persuasion Wave

If you have not enabled Hextouch support:

Hextouch support - Elemental Weakness - Stormburn and a free slot for Animated Guardians.

Wand-triggered abilities (you must cast them yourself at league start)


Flesh sacrifice, profane, sniper mark

The Pariah Jack:



Head 4 jacks (2 2-Link or 1 4-Link):


Feeding Frenzy – Summon Carrion Golem
Flame Dash - Second wind support

Shield 3 link:


If you take the Bone Barrier Ascendancy skill point:

Enhance - Level 1 Deviant Storm Shield - Level 1 cast when taking damage

If you take the Ascendancy skill point "Plaguebringer":

Version 1:

Lvl 1/Lvl 20 Cast when taking DMG - Lvl 1/Lvl 20 Molten Shell - longer duration

Version 2:

Any level Cast on Stun - Any level Molten Hull - longer duration

You can also use Molten Vaal Shells, but honestly the benefits are small and not worth the price increase.

6. PoB:


No pistons and dmg is set to Sirus - a very reasonable default scenario
Bottles up and some settings that increase your damage but are also true are checked:
Link 2 is more realistic, Link 1 is for those who are just too lazy to use bottles and don't even want to respawn skeletons in time.
I wouldn't link with dmg to map minions as that would be cheating, but because of our curses it's 3 times larger than Sirus'.

7. Bandits:


Kill all. In general, 99% of builds these days seem to go for this option, mostly due to cluster gems and the general weakness of the other options. I've chosen all 3 other options in different builds in the past, but at this point I needed some very specific mods/builds. For a summoner in general, skill points are far more powerful than anything these bandits have to offer.

8. Is the build unique enough that it's not likely to be nerfed anytime soon:


I was actually surprised to find out that I was the only Necromancer doing the core part of this build. A similar build is run by some Guardians, but here comes the big explanation on Necro vs Guardian and why I think going Guard is a mistake unless you want to focus on armor alone. I would argue that Guardian will only be good for 1 Ascendancy skill point - Radiant Faint and everything else the Guardian skill tree offers is mediocre compared to the Necro skill tree. Radiant Faint is amazing - it gives you about 4k it and it makes it possible to fuel the Maven's hit memory game. It also adds a buffer of dmg you can take that basically makes it impossible to die in maps. Still, you can't tank everything - Atziri Pizzas deal 8-9,000 DMG each, and for 2 of them you need to have 18,000-19,000 es, not even a Guardian can usually reach that. You can get to 15,000 with good gear, but more requires major tree changes, major gear changes, and some very expensive items. As a Necro you can reach 10,000, probably 11,000 with a crazy amulet. I don't have it on the amulet and my current it is 9986, but I'm lvl 98, some of the items aren't scrolling perfectly, and I expect to get the missing 14s either through gear changes or just leveling.

But why go necro? If Guardians have a node that gives 4k alone, then what really gives us Necro that can match? Well: "Unnatural Strength" alone gives you about 30% more dmg than Necro, "Commander of Darkness" + "Mindless Aggression" beats the rest of the Guardian dmg that Nodes give, and you also have a choice of "Bone Barrier" or "Plague Bringer" - the first gives you a free socket slot and an easy way to get 90% physical dmg reduction, while the second gives you even more dmg and some dmg reduction. Necro gives you far more damage than Guardian and this would show in noticeable speed and even boss kills. Killing bosses quickly is important. During the invite of Uber Elder, Shaper, Maven, Cortex, and "The Feared" there is Ground Aoe Degen, which increases the longer the fight lasts. You can't just spend 1 hour killing bosses unless you really have enough regeneration to outperform the rapiers. Maven with 6 rapier pools on the floor is easy, but maven with 15 rapier pools on the floor will easily kill you. Sure you can tank the Maven's memory game, but what's the point if you die to the swords? At a certain point in the league you can also offer boss carry/share services: if you do the maven with 3 people and it's your maven key you'll get 150% more loot - a smart way to loot both faster to get as well as to help others . In such a case, the Maven must die as quickly as possible. Map Clear is another scenario where Necro's 30% more DMG means you clean faster. Yes, you can fail some ults on a Necro and succeed on a Sentinel, but I'd still opt for being able to create cards as soon as possible. Necro's Unnatural Strength also allows for faster access to key levels of the Summon Skeletons skill, meaning you can summon 10 skeletons in 1 click without a large equipment cost.

However, I still have key differences in talent tree points compared to the other builds. I'm still very different from them. But even if we ignore that, you should note that currently when you filter for items like "Aegis Aurora", "Memory Vault", "Dead Reckoning" and skill "Summon-Skeletons" on poe.ninja, only 5 people are playing build like me (I am the lonely necro - Taua)https://poe.ninja/challenge/builds?item=Aegis-Aurora,Memory-Vault,Dead-Reckoning&skill=Summon-Skeletons.

Witch - [3.14] Tanky boss killer who works on a budget. Summon Skeletons + Armor Stacking, CI, Max Block. - Forum - Path of Exile (2)

(Video) Tier List of Minion Skills In Path Of Exile

(Screenshot in case things change in the future). Also if you look at the tree heatmaps you will see that there are really big differences:

Witch - [3.14] Tanky boss killer who works on a budget. Summon Skeletons + Armor Stacking, CI, Max Block. - Forum - Path of Exile (3)

. That's not a bad thing as it seems different people are focusing on different things and the build is really "off-meta". The character that most closely resembles my build is "PipPop", but he still has some big changes

Witch - [3.14] Tanky boss killer who works on a budget. Summon Skeletons + Armor Stacking, CI, Max Block. - Forum - Path of Exile (4)

how he decides to play Avatar of Fire with the idea of ​​using it for the Strom and EE brand. Personally I would have gone persuasion wave, avatar of fire, EE combo, and I also have no idea how to have it even more than him while playing a necro.

All in all, I don't think we're going to get a nerf any time soon. The only part of our build that can be nerfed is the damage from Vaal summoner skeletons, and that would suck because it's currently the best skill for damage for summoners without a huge gear investment.

9. Short discussion about leveling and league start setup:


I'm not that good at fast leveling, but I'm probably even worse at writing a detailed guide for it. Long story short: every time I level from 1 to 60, I try to just keep moving and kill just enough monsters to refill Quicksilver Flasks. You're a witch, so in the beginning you'll probably be leveling with Aoe Elemental Dmg skills like Freeze Pulse and some of the Aoe Dmg Traps. You can use minions to damage bosses and you should put some summon skeleton gems in your second inventory for leveling. Try to do the labs as fast as possible as Unnatural Strength is an insane DMG boost.

There are other people that have specific guides on leveling and I don't think I can tell you much more about leveling from 1-60. I don't think we need to farm for a tabula, and by level 60 you should have a rare 5-link body armor and some "ok" other items that at least cover your resistances. In addition, you get +30 on all elemental resistances from "Commander of Darkness" and also 10-15 more from some talent tree points. It shouldn't be too hard for you to be 75/75/75 at lvl 60 after killing Kitava. The first items you buy should be the Aegis Aurora Shield and the Coupling Jewel. At the start of the league this can cost you about 1 ex and 10 cents. Then you start making cards and try to buy a storage vault and a follower skin. Everything else is secondary. You should only get red cards with this setup.

For Sirus you need more than 5k es and a gem with corrupted blood immunity for everything else you don't need anything special. Try to reach A8 before going into endgame bosses and I would advise trying to reach lvl 96 as minimum level for Maven, Uber Elder, Uber Atziri. Also, you need to get yourself a good wand and start buying Awakened Gems for endgame content.

10. Discussion of other possible build configurations:


Idea 1: no grazing blows


At the time of writing this guide, I'm lvl 98, but by the time I reach lvl 99 I'd get Avatar of Fire and combine it with a surge of conviction for a fire-based EE that's also subject to fire, so you're not missing out on much Fire dmg from your skeletons.

When it comes to Ascendancy Points you have 3 choices, 2 of which can be used with almost the same Gem Link setup and the 3rd is something special:

We use "commander of darkness" - "mindless aggression" - "unnatural strength" - "bone barrier" and not molten shell, but you can say "commander of darkness" - "mindless aggression" - "unnatural strength" - "plague bringer". and melted peel. The 3rd option is a bit special: you choose "Commander of Darkness" - "Mindless Aggression" - "Unnatural Strength" - "Mistress of Sacrifice" and change some of the jewels to either of them


and change


with the idea of ​​​​removing the keystone "graze strokes". The idea is to get 75/75 pure block and not get the 65% penalty of grazing. You also have to use Rainbowstrides so you lose some damage, but the main benefit is that you actually gain a lot of tankiness against a lot of hits. You see, our build usually "heals" us from small hits, but a large number of large hits in quick succession can kill us. Normally when a hit hits us, say 1000 damage, resistances or physical damage reduction and armor will reduce it by either 75% or 90%, and the hit itself will then be reduced by another 35% if we block what means the actual hit should be around 100-200 but because of Aegis Aurora we hit recovery ES equal to 2% of our armor so really hit of 1000 heals us for 300es min and with bottles - 800es. Sounds good, but what if we get hit with a 5000 dmg hit? After reduction, it is barely covered by the Es supplement from Aegis Aurora. Of course, we have life regen and zealot's oath, and we can easily withstand 5-8,000 DMG hits - that's why Sirus can't kill us unless we stay in a sword field during the fight or we're unlucky and block not a hit series. The chance of not blocking 1 hit is 1/4, the chance of not blocking 2 hits in a row is 1/16, 3 hits in a row - 1/64, and in a fight against Sirus we basically have 63/64 Ability to safely ignore his hits, just dodge the meteor and you should be fine.

The problem really is that some hits are either too fast or too big for our DMG reduction scheme: you can get past a total of 20 monsters in an ultimatum, each of which has map mods and is also boosted by ultimatum mechanics. This means that 1: your Es on Gain will eventually not be high enough to nullify the damage and healing, and 2: you may have a large number of hits that don't block you. For every hit from those 20 monsters, 15 will negate you and heal you slightly and 5 will hit you. This is a problem and a reason I've died in some very, very heavily juiced maps where the monsters hit are boosted by 8 map mods. The proposed solution to this problem is simple: if you opt for pure 75/75 blocking, you will actually be blocking 65% more dmg by removing Glancing Blows. This would lead to a lot more healing from strikes and blocking dmg - in the previous situation 20 monsters hit us and 15 of the hits heal us, 5 of the hits do us DMG - it will actually make you more absurd for mapping.

Well, it sounds like a good idea, doesn't it? Why not implement? Problem is that even if you do this and solve the cons


(which are easy to solve) you still won't be able to block the "real" hits from bosses that kill us and you will also lose a lot of DMG. You can't block Atziri's pizzas, and you can of course tank 1 of them, but if you remove some jewels that you use great, you actually lose the ability to tank individual pizzas. I also don't think we can block the Maven's memory game, and it's also an ability that actually kills me frequently. In short, it just makes us a bit more resilient to mapping while not really making us resilient to other content, and also the loss of dmg is a small downside. I considered this idea but also considered the cons and therefore didn't invest the currency to try it.

Idea 2: Anointed Flesh, Crystalskin Anointing, Leadership Prize, and 6 points less damage.


By not taking "Rightouts Army", the points leading to it, and the strength point leading to the Fortress Covenant jewel slot, you can free up 7 points that can be invested to unlock Whispers of Doom (thereby freeing the ointment point is) and "Anointed fresh". Then by using a well-rolled "Lead Prize" and Crystal Skin's Anointing we can get +5 to all max resistances. This would give us 80/85/81 max resistances without any Using purities Should make us a lot tankier vs elemental dmg but I'm really not sure you want to lose the dmg If I was playing on hardcore - sure I'd strongly consider it but....for Soft core I'd rather go with the dmg especially when a very large part of our build is pretty much defensive oriented anyway If I had to think of an actual use of that idea it would be Guardian to be able to use the idea and do as much defense as possible so you can make videos on how to block every hit in the game with Uber Atziri's double Flamestrike nature the only hit I can think of is fatal to you.

Idea 3: Use Aul's Uprising with "Resolve doesn't cost a mana reservation"


You can do this, but then you need to get another enchantment and also need to sculpt for gloves and find a place for the Vitality Aura. It's a very expensive amulet, so only consider it if you plan to give 25 Ex for it. My gearbox solution is cheaper.

Idea 4: don't use summoning skeletons, use Herald of Purity or Herald of Agony.


Personal Opinion: "Herald of Purity" is more annoying to play and has lower clearing speed, "Herald of Agony" has better clearing speed but poor boss kill speed. Herald of Agony is really cheap to build, even cheaper than Summon Skeletons at league launch, but I'd rather go for something that's more enjoyable to play and better against bosses too. I've been experimenting with Herald of Agony and let me tell you this: It took me 30 minutes to kill Sirus because he's teleporting all the time and I'm losing stacks on him. Summon Skeletons kills Sirus in 10 seconds per phase. The map clearing speed is almost the same if you use pierce for summon skeletons.

Herald of Purity needs Arakaly's fang to have anything remotely reasonable clear speed and has a boss kill DMG that's good, but it requires you to be hitting the boss all the time. Doing this via the cyclone can result in a bad boss clear experience. If you do this via the Storm Token, that's fine, but then the map clearing speed will be reduced. I personally like my current build more than the Herald based builds.

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(Video) OUTDATED - TANKY Herald of Agony Guardian 🕷️ Budget Build Guide | Path of Exile

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