Your ultimate summer vacation wardrobe, sorted. (2023)

All your summer holiday outfits, all sorted, all styling.

We all know that packing light isn't easy—even in the summer. Sure, tiny shorts, short t-shirts andtrendy swimwearIt doesn't take up much space, but if you want to make sure you look photo-op ready throughout your summer vacation, you need more than a few options.

Anything can happen while you're on the road, even if you take it easyresort attire. Last minute coffee date. Impromptu brunch. Night time beach and bar hopping. How do you make sure you have a great outfit for every occasion when you can limit yourself to what fits in your suitcase?

Take a deep breath, girl. We've got you covered!

We show you how to put together the ultimate summer vacation wardrobewithoutPay excess baggage. From sunny basics like sundresses and strapless tops to day-to-night must-haves like summery maxi dresses andBooty-hugging linen pants.

Now that travel restrictions aren't so, well, restrictive, you have plenty of summer destinations to choose from. There's no reason why your holiday wardrobe can't have just as many options! Cotton tank tops and linen shorts are occasion-only, so versatile - and wearable! – Clothing catalog is a must.

Let's dive in...

Resort attire and outfits

We love a white cotton shirt as much as the next Matilda Djerf fan, but there's more to resortwear than sundresses and wide-brimmed straw hats.

Also, it's not everyone's aesthetic. Some prefer fitted tops to loose, floral ensembles, but for those looking for a little more structure, why not create interesting looks with bright colors, strategic necklines, and body-flattering designs. The right pieces are comfortable enough to lounge in and trendy enough to turn heads.

Our top picks

  1. BRALETTES in Basics

Get the look:MARY knitted bralette in white

You cannotgo wrong with a solid color bralette. It's trendy and keeps you cool no matter the temperature! The beauty of a bralette lies in its versatility. It goes perfectly with skirts, shorts, trousers and leggings - regardless of waist, material and cut.

We recommend opting for solid basics like white, cream, gray, anthracite, matte black, etc. That way, your bottom can be as loud, as quiet, or as colorful as it needs to be; The top will still balance them out.

  1. MAXI dresses with memorable necklines

Get the look!DANA chiffon maxi dress with rhinestone detailing and halter neck

The summer holidays are the perfect time to experiment with interesting necklines! They can add depth to a simple top or dresswithoutWhen you layer additional details, they take twice as long to make youlook coolwhile keeping your cool. trust us; they donotwant to be depressed in hundred degree weather.

III. FLOWY dresses in summery colors

Get the look:DEMI crinkle satin maxi dress with low back

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all eyes on you Not if you wear neutral all the time. A soft cream bralette or a pair of white linen shorts are all good for quick ready-to-wear outfits, but it's summer, you have to have thesesomecolor in your closet! Liven up your look with a sunny butter yellow halterneck dress or wear it with a sensual burnt orange maxi dress.

  1. PHOTO suitable wrap blouses

Get the look:ANNALIESE wrap blouse

For a tailored fit that loves your curves, try a wrap dress or blouse.

Don't get us wrong; Tank tops, bandeaus and sleeveless tees are definitely the way to go for summer vacations. However, sometimes you need something with a little more opacity. In these cases, a soft and simple wrap blouse in interesting patterns or summery shades can work wonders.

  1. BODY-Con Bonanza

Get the look:LELA Cut-out-Midikleid

No matter where you plan your ultimate summer vacation, youneeda form-fitting dress. Loose maxi and midi dresses are great for chic cover-ups and casual days on the go. But you need something that can go from beachside brunch to casual cocktail with minimal adjustments. A cool, cotton-like dress that hugsatHer curves are versatile enough to accommodate the dress code for all types of summer events.

Linen summer outfits

Yes; Cotton is soft, breathable and one of the best fabrics for summer outfits.

But people totally sleep on linens — and we're not talking sheets.

Linen is just as soft as cotton, just as breathable and - in most cases - much lighter. It's also much easier to handle, maintain, fold up and shake out!

Pack a pair of wide-leg linen pants and a linen top or two for this vacation. The texture and versatility may surprise you.

Our top picks

  1. Wide-cut linen trousers

Get the look:MONA high-waisted linen pants

If you've never owned a pair of chic, dependable linen pants, brace yourself; They may very well become your summer staple. Linen trousers are soft, breathable and super easy to care for. They don't wrinkle as easily as cotton, don't tend to itch (like mesh) and offer a lot of protection without constricting. Wide-leg trousers are particularly ideal for achieving the perfect cool and comfortable fit for summer vacations.

  1. LINEN tops

Get the look:YALDA linen bustier with contrasting inserts

Like linen pants, a trendy linen top is comfortable and carefree. You can get it in a cropped, sleeveless or bandeau cut for extra easy packing and storage. It's also perfect for summer! A linen bustier—like YALDA over here—can help you look hotwhileagainst the summer heat. Also, its slight push-up effect gives your girls some extra love.

III. LINEN shorts

Get the look:YALDA linen shorts with contrast inserts


Summer and shorts - name a more perfect combination! Whether it's board shorts, boy shorts or booty shorts, there's nothing quite like strolling through the sand or venturing down sunlit streets in a breezy pair! Linen shorts are especially ideal for summer holidays spent in seaside resorts. They're easy to pack, easy to slip on and can easily transform an outfit from lazy loungewear to a casual beach cafe. For maximum versatility, get one in a faded summer tone and one in a solid neutral shade!

  1. Linen bottoms slit on the side

Get the look:LEXI linen pants with side cut

Summer flirts are in season, so live a little! Subtle slits add instant drama to a relaxed look. Of course, maxi skirts with thigh-high slits are a classic, but be sure to experiment with other options. Like linen pants with side seam slits. They create an interesting silhouetteAndYou can flatter your legs like the best winged woman in the world!

Don't forget your swimwear

Seriously; The last thing you want to leave behind on summer vacation is your swimwear. Even if you don't plan to swim at the beach or jump in the pool, youneeda real, holiday-ready swimsuit. Think of all those cute photo ops you'll miss! Plus, with the right bottoms and cover-ups, swimsuits can transform into casual yet on-trend daytime outfits.

Pair a sunflower-yellow bikini top with linen shorts, or tuck a matte one-piece into high-waisted jeans. It's just like wearing and styling a (waterproof) bodysuit!

Our top picks

BUTTERgelbe Bikinis

Get the look:ARIEL tie triangle bikini top

If ever there was a season for bright, cheerful, and happy colors, it would be summer! Solid and neutral colors are of course all well and good, but they can get boring. Summer holidays are the perfect time to mix it up a little with peaches, oranges, baby blues and pretty mints! take it from us; Everyone looks good in a butter yellow bikini.

JEWEL toned swimsuits

Get the look:RILEY triangle bikini top with hardware

If yellow is too bright for you and pink just isn't for your palette, fret not; jewel-toned colors are largely in the range of summer tones. Get out of your comfort zone - but don't go too far! – with exquisite swimwear in light emerald tones, soft topaz or elegant purple. For added sparkle, add some subtly sparkling details - like RILEY's gold-tone triangle hardware!

NATURE pattern

Get the look:BAMBI Cheeky bikini bottoms

Summer is also the perfect time to play around with patterns. If you're comfortable with prints and feeling a little playful, try a one-piece with classic zebra stripes or a tankini with leopard spots.

Go big and bold; After all, it's your vacation!

If you don't usually create patterns, nature-themed prints are a good compromise. They look good in the summer but aren't that noisy. Watercolor palm fronds or water marbled waves can be stunning in the right color combinations!

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Maxi dresses for that extra bit of elegance

Maxi dresses are an easy way to look dressed up and put together for any event (even if you've literally just crawled out of bed). They're comfortable, breathable and super easy to style! Plus, their versatility is at a new level. You can wear a maxi dress with rhinestone heels, woven wedges, sneakers or simple flats. It will look like one cohesive outfit no matter what!

So yes; we high,maximumwe recommend adding a maxi dress to your summer vacation wardrobe. The more you use it, we guarantee it will become a must-have suitcase.

Opt for maxi dresses made from lightweight fabrics so you never run the risk of overheating. You should also try to incorporate subtle design details like beads, fringes, sashes, and cutouts.

Our top picks

Bold and backless

Get the look:SABINE Backless maxi dress

Try a backless maxi; It's the perfect combination of casual and elegant. It can pick you upfun-under-the-sunToBeach bar babea matter of minutes! Just swap out a few accessories, step up the makeup, and you're ready to party.


Get the look:ALLY beaded halterneck maxi dress

Go full boho beach goddess and slip into a maxi dress with small, subtle nature-themed details. Wooden beads, fringed hems and feathers dangling from your ears? This aesthetic has a certain appeal and glows under the summer sun. Take ALLY for example. She is a pretty halter dress with cut outs front and back and beaded detailing. Put them on and be a total summer wonder!

Gathered and ready to party

Get the look:JENNY mesh maxi dress with ruffles

Loose and flowy maxi dresses are ideal for achieving a natural, casual grace. The silhouette it cuts is perfect for boardwalk cafes and lounging by the sea. But for summer vacations in quaint resorts, you can afford to slip into something a little more curvaceous and flattering. Fitted maxi dresses with ruffled bodices or gathered details can shape your ensemble and dress you from summery to casualsexyin a few seconds!

Summer dresses to accompany you from day to night

Dresses that are both suitable for afternoon coffeeAndromantic rooftop dinners are real gems. Because why pack six to eight different dresses when three or four versatile - and trendy! – Pieces can do it?

Halter dresses can keep you cool in the sun. They're also great for flattering your shoulders and framing your collarbones. Short mini-length dresses are trickier, but the right combination of accessories and shoes can make them suitable for daytime events as well as late-night soirees.

Finally, don't be afraid to experiment with textures! Cotton, mesh, chiffon and crinkle fabrics are all light enough to beat the summer heat.

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Our top picks

Cutouts & curves

Get the look!NAVA Crinkle Neckholder-Cut-Out-Maxikleid

You absolutely can't go wrong with cutouts for a sundress. They're sensual, they're sexy, and they cut the most interesting silhouettes and designs!

If your schedule is packed with early brunch, afternoon coffee and a steamy evening to finish, opt for a floor-length jewel-toned dress with strategic cutouts that frame your bust and/or curves. It will keep you cool during the hotter part of the dayAndmake you look totally hot when the sun goes down!

MINI length for maximum chic

Get the look!DARCIE Minikleid mit Fransen

Shorter doesn't necessarily mean sexier. Pair any outfit with bold, sun-kissed confidence, and the length of your skirt doesn't matter - you'll look hot! But when you need a little confidence, slip into a mini or midi length dress that shapes your body and flatters your legs in the best possible way. Opt for soft cream or white to really show off your golden tan!


Get the look!ALIA strapless ruffle midi dress

If you need something summery, flattering and ultra-versatile, get a strapless sundress! Styles like ALIA create a beautiful silhouette that blends seamlessly into any occasion, day or night.

Whether you're getting coffee and pastries at a renowned, picture-perfect pastry shop, or a seafood dinner with that cutie you met on tour, a strapless linen dress in bright, summery colors gives you the perfect fit!


Get the look:LUCY cowl neck midi dress with corset

Corsets in summer might not seem like the best idea at first glance. Nobody expects a structured bodice to be comfortable under the sun. However, if you choose one with the right cut and material, you might be surprised at how comfortable it isAnda corset dress can be sexy.

For example, LUCY uses a wide fabric corset that cuts the curves and accentuates the waist without leaving the wearer breathless. It's also made from a soft satin fabric that's as smooth and breathable as it is sexy and cuddly. It's the perfect day and night combination!

The abstract

Packing lightly can limit your clothing options, but it shouldn't limit your style. There are many summer-ready pieces on the market that are suitable for a variety of occasions. Different accessories, different shoes, different hairstyle and,bam;it's a whole different fit!

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For more outfit inspo check out ourCapsule wardrobeCollection for luxurious everyday essentials and oursMorgana girlCollection for carefully curated linen and earth pieces. Loved the pieces you saw here? Get them - or find other stunning pieces like these - in our summer collectionresortsCollection!


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